Author Hamid Safaei Reaches Top of Amazon Bestseller List With First-Class Leadership

Published on February 15, 2018

Author and coach Hamid Safaei has topped Amazon’s Best Seller list in multiple categories with First-Class Leadership: How Highly Effective Teams Can Achieve Breakthrough Results, a specific and actionable book that keeps giving from start to finish.

Hamid Safaei, author of First-Class Leadership: How Highly Effective Teams Can Achieve Breakthrough Results, is an internationally known leadership coach and mentor. His book is a comprehensive look at the research and experience behind “first-class leadership,” and is filled with simple yet effective tips to help those in any industry or field become frontrunners. He is also the author of the earlier, well-received Your Journey to Fulfillment. His new book allows readers to increase the productivity and effectiveness of the advice in his first work and expand their knowledge and skills in growing and maintaining a strong team of employees.

The early birds described First-Class Leadership book as such: “First-Class Leadership is relevant more than ever before.”; “A revolutionary book that redefines what profound leadership means in the diehard business and redesigns the roadmap to ultimate success.”; “In an inspiring way, this book sums up what first-class leadership is all about. It covers how great leaders lead and what they have in common, such as their inner fire, their natural tendency to be proactive, their willingness to take risks and come up with solutions.”; “First-Class Leadership challenges all leaders to redesign their fundamental approach and convictions about how to lead. The book provides a fascinating roadmap with valuable insights for those who respond to the challenge positively.”

By asking thought-provoking questions, First-Class Leadership invites the reader to pause and reflect on how they think and what they need to change to move to the next level. By focusing on timeless and universal principles such as leading by example and revealing the attributes that make the difference such as focus, decisiveness, and the algorithm of risk-taking, First-Class Leadership distinguishes itself from any other leadership book to date. In his book, Safaei discusses simple, actionable points that run the spectrum of all areas of leadership, including building trust and teams, communication, inspiration, encouragement and helping employees give their best in all circumstances. 

Safaei offers proven strategies and guidelines for finding and keeping the right talent as well as nurturing a strong workforce. Using wisdom gleaned from leaders such as Mahatma Gandhi, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, and Steve Jobs, Safaei also includes a wealth of his own information to pave the way for new leadership in every field.

According to Safaei, his book “covers how greatest leaders lead, are wired to be, and what they have in common. The book uncovers the secrets of how to build highly effective teams to multiply your results. First-Class Leadership makes the reader reconnect with themselves to comply with their inner voice, their inner GPS, their biggest WHY. It is a great manual to be mentally and emotionally fit for leading at the next level.” 

To obtain a free copy of the eBook, Your Journey to Fulfillment, and the first two chapters of First-Class Leadership, go to Also on the website, visitors can sign up for a free spot in the webinars: Realize That One Life-Changing Dream and First-Class Leadership. 

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About Hamid Safaei: Hamid Safaei is a bestselling author of several internationally recognized works on leadership and motivation which have led leaders and business owners to implement time-tested, simple strategies to strengthen and grow their workforces. 

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