Author and Image Stylist Patti Morrison Hits Three Amazon Best Seller Lists with new book “First Impressions: Dressing For Impact”

Published on November 5, 2017

“First Impressions: Dressing For Impact” by Patti Morrison reached #1 on’s Best Seller List in three categories on October 25, 2017.

Author and Image Stylist Patti Morrison’s book, “First Impressions: Dressing For Impact”, hit Amazon’s best seller list on October 25, 2017, climbing all the way to #1 in three separate categories.

In the book, First Impressions: Dressing For Impact, author Patti Morrison explains how changing the way you dress will change how people see you in life and in the workplace.

Morrison believes that your appearance affects how you think about yourself, how you act, and how others respond to you. She says, “The reality is that looking your best has an incredible impact on your personal, financial and business success.”

In response to the book hitting #1, Morrison stated, “That’s awesome. I know that using the strategies and systems laid out in my book will simplify and transform women’s lives!” Morrison added, “I love showing women how to improve their appearance and develop their own personal style. I enhance a woman’s beauty, that’s already there.”

Since writing the book, Morrison has developed a certified Image strategist training course to teach others how to become image stylists. Beyond offering a one on one style consultation and personal shopping excursions for her clients, Morrison also offers “The Complete Closet Cleanout” as a free instructional guide to help people get started on the path to simplifying their lives and getting their appearance working for them.

Morrison’s philosophy empowers readers to get their appearance handled so they can focus on what’s most important to them.

Patti Morrison has been involved in all aspects of the fashion industry for over 25 years and has dressed over 3000 men and women. She has studied fashion design and image consulting with some of the industry’s top professionals. She is a published author of many articles on personal style, as well as her book, First Impressions: Dressing For Impact.

Morrison founded the ‘7 Step Image Strategist Makeover System’ to help women transform their appearance to best reflect who they are and what they do. She supports women to develop their own style and simplify and create wardrobes that match their lifestyle.

Morrison understands the pressure women face. In working with her clients, she taps into her own background in business, as well as her previous experience as the innovative owner of a busy retail fashion store.
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