Author JG Francoeur Offers Free Copy of New Book MESSY Manager

Author JG Francoeur Offers Free Copy of New Book MESSY Manager

Jean-Guy Francoeur is the CEO of Black Card Books and author of MESSY Manager, a candid look at what makes businesses successful. Now, Mr. Francoeur is offering a free copy of his book to anyone who requests one by visiting his website.

JG Francoeur, CEO of Black Card Books, is also a sought-after speaker and motivational coach who has worked with companies in 25 different industries and helped owners maximize profits and develop strong leadership. 

He is also the author of the insightful book MESSY Manager. This book clarifies the factors surrounding successful company growth and helps business owners understand what it takes to grow and thrive. 

According to Francoeur, “MESSY Manager demystifies why some companies are growing rapidly while others are destined for a life of struggle. If you want to learn about the root cause of success in business and in life, read this book!”

Now, Black Card Books and JG Francoeur are making a special offer:  a free copy of MESSY Manager, valued at $32, to those who visit  This book exposes powerful leadership principles that allow businesses to experience true success. 

This easy-to-use guide helps entrepreneurs and business owners learn about the root causes of success and failure in business and in life.  With the help of the insights in this book, managers and business owners can put into operation workable principles to bring success to their companies.

MESSY Manager offers a step-by-step process through which business owners can immediately raise revenue.  In fact, many readers are able to double their sales and triple their profits after reading the tips and tricks contained in MESSY Manager. 

However, the real message behind this book is leadership, and MESSY Manager offers insights into the difference between being a manager who pushes or a leader who leads. 

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Visitors to the website can get a free copy of the downloadable book MESSY Manager just by requesting it.  The book will be released in 2015 and the free download may be available for a limited time, so those who are interested in securing a copy should visit the website immediately.

About JG Francoeur:  Jean-Guy Francoeur is the CEO of Black Card Books and is also the author of MESSY Manager, a look at the strategies used by successful leaders and business owners. 

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