Author Nimesh Mehta Hits Top of Amazon’s Bestseller List with Sales Booster

Published on February 11, 2018

Nimesh Mehta is a successful sales leader who shares his 2 decade experience with those who are learning the science & art of selling. Now, he is offering a free copy of his bestselling book, Sales Booster, through his website.

Nimesh Mehta, author of Sales Booster: The New Science & Art of Selling (Leadership and Sales Turnaround Wisdom from the World’s Top Leaders and Organizations), is a dynamic sales leader whose wisdom and experience has helped countless sales representatives maximize their potential. Now, this bestselling author is offering a FREE copy of his book through his website to expand his mentorship to a wide audience.

Sales Booster: The New Science & Art of Selling (Leadership and Sales Turnaround Wisdom from the World’s Top Leaders and Organizations) discusses the real reasons behind the disproportionate success in the sales industry. Answering questions such as “why some companies generate year on year growth in sales when most other companies struggle?” and “why some sales guys are more successful than others and why top 20 percent of sales leaders earn 80 percent of the income?”, Mehta mines his years of experience and wisdom to share the five elements of personal success in any field; the 8 success mantras necessary to close “forever” sales; winning strategies to stay ahead of the competition; tips for building lifelong customer relationships; understanding 21st century sales process; overcome the fear of rejection, becoming a time management expert; gaining more client referrals and testimonials, understanding the 15 leadership traits of the 21st century and how to convert objections and complaints into Sales.”

According to Mehta, “I believe everyone is in sales. Regardless of the title, position or profession, every person is selling an idea, concept, product, or service to other person. Nothing happens until sale takes place in the company or country. Sales Booster is for everyone who wants to maximize success in his or her personal and professional life.” Mehta lists his two favorite sayings as “Sales is not just in the knowing, it’s in the doing,” and “You don’t need to be great to start selling, but you need to start selling to become great.”

Readers can now obtain a FREE copy of Sales Booster, a $32 value, by visiting the website at

 About Nimesh Mehta: Nimesh Mehta is a dynamic sales leader with seventeen years of experience in sales and marketing across industries, with expertise in asset and equity investment management, financial services, insurance, consumer durables, and FMCG products.

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