Author of Success Chasing You!, Travon Taylor, Celebrates His Success and Offers Free Copy of New Book

Published on March 26, 2018

Travon Taylor, an author, speaker and leadership trainer, is offering a free copy of his new book Success Chasing You! through his website for a Limited Time to celebrate Success.

Travon Taylor, author of Success Chasing You! A Journey to Discovering One’s True Purpose and Achieving Greatness in Any Area of Life, is offering a free copy of his new book to visitors to his website for a limited time.  Taylor is a combat veteran and inspirational speaker as well as a trusted leadership trainer.  His new book offers insight into living a happier and inspired purposeful life.

According to the author, Success Chasing You equips readers to turn their lives into a “success magnet” by attracting happiness and true fulfillment.  After leading Marines in Iraq, Taylor put his experience and knowledge to work in crafting a book that would allow others to tap into their own unexplored potential.

The book includes tips on discovering true identity; learning about universal spiritual law that govern life and how to use them for personal advantage; creating powerful intent and vision for a purpose-filled life; living with passion and success; breaking free of the plague of low self-esteem; breaking the “rat race” cycle and finding true prosperity; and putting a stop to negative thoughts and words of failure.  The book teaches readers how to unleash the power of relationships and become a powerful, effective communicator who creates win-win situations.

Those who have read the book have high praise for Success Chasing You.  One reader notes, “If you want success in life, you have to become the person you were designed to be! Travon will help equip you to be a total success magnet and live a happier fulfilling life!”

For a limited time, visitors to Taylor’s website can obtain a free copy of Success Chasing You, a $32 value.  For more information, go to

About Travon Taylor:  Travon Taylor is a veteran Marine who spends his time coaching others to success.  His latest book, Success Chasing You, is designed to share his expertise with those who want to be successful in personal and professional relationships.

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