Authority Marketer Debbie Horovitch Launches Storytelling Book Series, Silver Linings Storybook: Successfully Navigating Stormy Days In Life.

Published on April 8, 2016

Toronto - Local specialty book publisher Debbie Horovitch is launching a new book series for anyone to read and enjoy, but that specifically is intended to help business owners connect with their ideal clients, by sharing a silver lining story from their own life.

The use of storytelling is a powerful way to connect personally on an emotional level with new people, and as through history, it is an effective technique that professional speakers use to persuade their audience, and that media channels look for in their expert and consumer quotes.

Silver linings stories are founded in the proverb of “Every cloud has a silver lining.” that demonstrates we all go through challenging times in life, but the most difficult to overcome often result in a personal breakthrough that is equally as beneficial, as the battle to get there was difficult.

Horovitch believes everyone has silver linings stories in their own life, especially entrepreneurs. “They often become more clear after a period of time, after a situation where you’ve overcome incredible adversity, undergone a complete transformation, or witnessed a game-changing event… these are the situations that help you transform to become your best self.”

For the coauthors, Horovitch says Silver Linings Storybook presents an opportunity for them to explore the power and value of storytelling in their business, for connecting with their ideal clients – not all the people who they can broadly help, but those specific clients who they can help generate the most significant results for.

Volume 1 of Silver Linings Storybook includes 21 personal stories of overcoming traumatic experiences, turning obvious disadvantage into a unique advantage, and significant lifestyle transformations that demonstrate how we all experience challenging times – but it is those challenging experiences specifically that make it clear how strong & resilient we are, while always holding the potential for reinvention.

Coauthors have joined in from around the world, for the opportunity to experience becoming a successful book author, working in collaboration with an exclusive community of coauthors, each who uses the book as a tool to help promote their own business services, for publicity in media channels and professional speaking engagements.

Michael Port, perennial bestselling author of Book Yourself Solid, Beyond Booked Solid, and Steal the Show recommends a simple three-step formula for crafting your best stories that capture the attention of your intended audience.

“We keep rediscovering and have to remind ourselves of the power of stories in a business context,” says Keith Quesenberry, a lecturer at the Center for Leadership Education at Johns Hopkins University said in an article by Alina Tugend for Entrepreneur online.

Storytelling’s rise as the buzzword of the business world mirrors the increasing popularity of programs such as “Serial,” the free 12-part weekly podcast about a real-life 1999 murder that had been downloaded a whopping 40 million times less than three months after its debut last October. The program was the subject of endless tweets, reddit analyses, news stories and parodies. Listeners clamoring for a second season quickly donated enough cash to Chicago Public Media to make that a reality.”

It’s also popular in fundraising activities for book publishing she says “And take a look at the rise of crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter. What are they, really, but a forum for telling stories as a way to convince people to give money?”

Professional author and speaker, Mike Michalowicz says telling a compelling story is a killer technique for delivering speeches “The power of storytelling lies in the images that your audience will create in their heads as you spin your yarn. Rather than just loading folks up with information, if you tell a story, you’re making them active participants in your performance. Stories – brief relevant stories – are a powerful tool.”

Volume 1 will be available on Amazon and directly from coauthors this Spring, with a launch gala in Toronto late June. Volume 2 is currently open to new coauthors; interested people with a story to tell can connect on Facebook with Laura Ghedina or Debbie Horovitch.

To learn more about the value of storytelling in your business, join the public Facebook group Silver Linings Storybook: Gearing Up to Share Your Story With The World

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