Authority Marketing & Media Expert TC Bradley Helps Business Owners Achieve Instant Celebrity Status

Published on November 19, 2014

Nationally known and respected authority marketing and media expert, TC Bradley, Founder of is assisting small business owners from all walks of life “crack the media code” and achieve what he calls “Instant Celebrity Status” within 48 hours.

“I have seen first hand he power of what becoming an ‘Expert Authority’ has meant in in my various businesses,” said Bradley. According to Bradley, people intuitively want to do business with a LEADER, the expert authority in their area, but few business owners know how to “crack the media code” and become that “go to” person in their field that customers seek out to do business with.

Bradley says that he assists entrepreneurs in getting broader media exposure and that he positions them as an Expert/Business Celebrity for their industry by implementing a very strategic and proven media plan that includes making his clients Best Selling Authors.

“Instant Celebrity Status is a game changer for most business owners today because in today’s research based buying environment your potential customers will research you on the internet before doing business with you… it is not good enough to just be ‘found’ on the internet, you must give your customers a compelling reason to trust you and if they do, they will do business with you,” says Bradley.

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Company Name: New Life Vision,LLC
Contact Person: TC Bradley
Phone: 800-676-1075
Country: USA