Auto Recycler Launches Search for Catalytic Converter Sellers For Unique Venture

Auto Recycler Launches Search for Catalytic Converter Sellers For Unique Venture

Key Metal Refining LLC has announced it has begun a nationwide search for core buyers, junk and scrap yard owners, automotive repair shops, tow truck companies, and others sellers of used catalytic converters to establish a unique partnership.

New Jersey based company Key Metal Refining, which buys used catalytic converters and extracts the catalysts for the recovery of Platinum Group Metals, has confirmed that they have launched a nationwide search for ethical sellers to form a profitable alliance.

“We have independent companies that we work closely with. We send them qualified referrals and pay them quickly and fairly, which helps them succeed in building their businesses. And in turn, they help us by providing a flow of material, which builds our business as well,” said John D. Bruno, President of the company.

Helping sellers to build their businesses, Bruno believes, has helped Key Metal Refining to be one of fastest growing refiners of automotive catalysts.

Bruno expressed, “It’s comforting to work with somebody you can trust and somebody that’s honest. We like to deal with people who are running a fair and honest operation. Who like us, believe building and sustaining relationships are important.”

He further explained: “One of the reasons we are conducting this search is because there’s a lot of deceptive practices going on within the scrap industry. Suppliers will try to sell to buyers units that have no value or less value, essentially manipulating the mixture so that they can cheat the buyer into paying more.  This search would be unnecessary if that weren’t the case.”

“We anticipate a lot of exposure from this search and want to partner with sellers who are actually in the trenches, working hard every day and willing to make an honest dollar.  That is what will make this venture a win-win for all.”

Bruno believes the financial stability of Key Metal Refining’s parent company, DOWA Metals and Mining, gives them the ability to rapidly expand nationwide asserting “our parent company, DOWA, helps us to be unlimited in our growth and capabilities.”

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