Axiom Cyber Solutions Announces Strategic Partnership with UNLV Research Professor Dr. Ashok Sudhakar to tackle Cybermalpractice

Axiom Cyber Solutions today announced a strategic partnership with Dr. Ashok Sudhakar, a research professor at UNLV’s Office of Public Policy and Leadership and owner of Academy of Cybersecurity and Technology (ACT). This partnership will allow Axiom and Dr. Sudhakar to bring together regulatory compliance in the healthcare industry with world leading cybersecurity assessments and technology.

This partnership came about after Dr. Chris Stream, Director of UNLV’s School of Public Policy and Leadership, determined that students in cybersecurity do not have the requisite competencies needed in the market. Dr. Stream stated, “What we need is academic plus practical partnership to provide competencies in cybersecurity regulatory compliance and technical implementations.”

“Conducting medical business and ignoring the federal and state mandates for proactive measures can be classified as Cybermalpractice™. Non-proactive activities and procedures or the mere presence of ransomware could trigger federal civil penalties as well as criminal prosecution in some cases. Civil lawsuits and even loss of medical license is also possible in these cases”, states Dr. Sudhakar.

The recent spate of ransomware attacks worldwide served as a wakeup call to uninformed and unwary medical practitioners, medical businesses, and the medical sector in general. “Bringing together the legal regulations along with cybersecurity strategy will allow healthcare providers of all sizes to design and implement a cybersecurity program that is not only effective at keeping data breaches and hackers at bay, but also keeps the provider within the complex rules and regulations set forth by the numerous federal and state agencies” states Troy Wilkinson, CEO of Axiom. “By working with the general counsel or legal team along with the IT stakeholders, it allows for a broader adoption of the right technology and methodology to protect the provider” Wilkinson stated.

Dr. Sudhakar stated, “In addition to providing academic competencies and skills, there was a need to partner with a knowledgeable entity in the industry who is widely respected and stays abreast of cyber threats and countermeasures.  Mr. Wilkinson and his company have a very broad ranging, real life domestic and international experience in this field. His experience includes working projects with the US Department of State, Federal Bureau of Investigation, United Nations, European Union, and Interpol.  Mr. Wilkinson is trusted by the media for his comments, such as the recent WANNACRY ransomware global cyber-attack, or whenever there is a news worthy cyber incident.  Axiom also possesses proprietary technology with the ability to stop ransomware and other future generation cyber-attacks, a key attribute to staying a step ahead of the cybercriminals; and a significant attribute to the strategic partnership.”

“In the history of the cybersecurity industry, there has never been a strategic partnership such as between ACT and Axiom (domestically or internationally). We have the skills and knowledge under one umbrella to identify, respond, contain, minimize and monitor for cyberattacks. We keep abreast with the latest cybersecurity developments to maintain our cutting-edge superiority” stated Wilkinson.

Axiom and the Academy of Cybersecurity and Technology have already started working with healthcare leaders and continue to be a highly sought after thought leader in this field.


About Axiom: Axiom Cyber Solutions is a Las Vegas-based cybersecurity company responsible for some of the most unique and most capable security solutions on the market. Axiom has a proprietary ransomware algorithm built into every device that can stop ransomware infections in a new and unique way focused on the communication rather than the ever-changing signature of ransomware. Axiom provides a turn-key solution including managed firewall, managed anti-virus and managed network monitoring for one low price. To find out more about Axiom Cyber Solutions, please visit

About Dr. Ashok Sudhakar: Dr. Sudhakar, a Research Professor at UNLV, is an attorney (admitted to Supreme Court of Pennsylvania and the Supreme Court of the United States) and has pursued and earned two PhD’s viz: (i)Electrical and Computer Engineering); & (ii) Workforce Development and Organizational Leadership. Dr. Sudhakar is the owner of the Academy of Cybersecurity & Technology and is currently assisting Dr. Chris Stream develop a unique cybersecurity program for the UNLV School of Public Policy and Leadership Program.

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