Barak Granot Invited to Speak at Prestigious Eau Palm Beach Resort Event in Florida

Published on July 12, 2023

Award-winning marketing expert Barak Granot is set to present a pivotal talk on effective prospect communication at the Eau Palm Beach Resort, Florida, on July 22, 2023, gathering top business leaders.

Award-winning marketing strategist Barak Granot has been announced as a speaker for an exclusive conference at the Eau Palm Beach Resort in Florida on July 22, 2023. The event, which is anticipated to gather 70 of the nation’s top business leaders and executives, will center on innovative marketing strategies, focusing on “How to Address Your Prospects for the Best Results”.

Granot, a recent recipient of the coveted “Excellence in Modern Marketing Solutions Award” from the International Association of Top Professionals (IAOTP), is a globally recognized authority in marketing and entrepreneurship. With almost two decades of industry expertise, Granot’s insights are sought by leaders and businesses intent on boosting their growth potential.

The marketing magnate’s repertoire includes groundbreaking ventures such as Metrix Promotions LLC, Blue Ocean Publishing Group, and DentoMetrix, the country’s premier dental marketing agency. Granot is also the creator of the “Predictable Patients Technology,” a system hailed as the greatest asset to dental practices globally. His proven strategies, creative campaigns, and effective use of marketing channels have yielded extraordinary results for his clients, further enhancing his reputation as a transformative figure in modern marketing.

Granot’s talk will elaborate on the art of approaching prospects. As the author of the best-selling book “Attract Better Patients,” he will impart the vital skills required to improve brand positioning and understand the dynamics of effective communication for businesses.

His principles, backed by an impressive career and consistent success, have been instrumental in numerous business success stories. Barak’s expertise in reputation marketing, advertising, social media, brand development, SEO, digital marketing, and strategic planning is set to inspire and guide the conference’s attendees, empowering them to optimize their marketing strategies and achieve their business objectives.

Granot’s academic accomplishments include studying Industrial and Managerial Engineering at Tel Aviv University and completing his Computer Science degree Summa Cum Laude. His background as an Exceptional Soldier, recognized five times by the Israeli Army, further attests to his leadership and resilience.

This speaking engagement will undoubtedly provide a significant platform for Granot to share his wealth of knowledge with a distinguished audience. It is an opportunity to learn from an individual recognized worldwide for his significant contribution to marketing and entrepreneurship.

For more information on the Eau Palm Beach Resort event and to register, please visit the event’s official website. To learn more about Barak Granot and his work, visit

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