Best Selling Author Bryan Falchuk Featured on Influencers Radio

Published on May 8, 2017

Bryan Falchuk, author of the best seller, Do a Day, was recently interviewed by Influencers Radio about how he overcame obesity and created the Do a Day philosophy.

On a recent episode of Influencers Radio with Jack Mize, best selling author Bryan Falchuk shares how he overcame obesity, lost nearly 100 pounds, ran a marathon, dramatically changed his diet and created an approach to help others live a better life, every day.

During the interview, Falchuk explained the pivotal moment when his wife was gravely ill and their little boy was watching all of it unfold; Falchuk became determined in that moment to change his life forever and that’s when the Do a Day philosophy started.

Falchuk says, “The revolution started with a revelation.” He explained that it’s not about losing weight for beach season. Once he realized that he needed to take action because of his son, he learned that the reason he had not been successful before was because his motivations were not deep enough, profound enough or enduring enough.

According to Falchuk, “When we talk about losing weight, it’s not a quick fix. And it’s not something you can compartmentalize. The way that you do it successfully is by looking at it as a whole. It’s a much deeper, introspective approach.”

Falchuk’s journey with weight loss and improved health lead him to create Do a Day in order to help others achieve their goals. When a goal feels impossible, he encourages his clients to break it down to a series of steps to make the impossible possible. Do a Day is about freedom and mindfulness and is a much more empowering way of going about making changes to your life.

When Falchuk decided on a whim to become vegan, he said to himself, “I can do a day” and it struck him that he could do anything for just one day. He got through the first day and then decided to do one more day. That was two years ago. And now instead of someone who is losing weight, he is simply a fit person.

When asked whether Do a Day is a life hack, Falchuk explained, “No, it isn’t. Life hacks are short term fixes that miss out on the self-work we need to do so the changes we make endure. Do a Day guides you through that self-discovery so you come to a place of achievement throughout every aspect of your life.”

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Bryan Falchuk lost nearly 100 pounds, ran a marathon, completely changed his diet, got a masters degree, summited mountains, dealt with chronic illness and has now written a book. These are all things that were previously impossible to him, yet he achieved them by choosing to Do a Day.

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