Best-Selling Author & Lifestyle Coach, Fatima Omar Khamissa Helps Muslims Transform

Published on December 26, 2016

Best-selling author and lifestyle coach, Fatima Omar Khamissa, breaking in new paradigms in the Muslim world as she embarks on a journey of helping Muslims to take ownership and responsibility for their lives and their choices.

Best-selling author, Fatima Omar Khamissa, first came on the coaching scene when she published not one, but two very controversial books in 2015. “How To Be A Muslim Woman, Divorced And Totally Confident” and “From Ex To Extraordinary” both hit number one on

The fiesty mother-of-five, is unstoppable and relentless in her pursuit of transformation and success for anyone who wants it.

Omar Khamissa, has always been a bit of a fire-cracker. A trail-blazer who took five children and left an abusive marriage of twenty one years. This takes a whole lot of courage and bravery. She went on welfare, kept her kids safe, and hit the ground running. While collecting a government welfare check, Omar Khamissa made You-tube videos teaching women how to recognize signs of violence and abuse. She also volunteered her time in local prisons and in her community.

She has been recognized by numerous organizations, including the government of Canada and the government of Ontario for her positive contribution, tenacious character, and tireless efforts.

Her calendar is full with speaking gigs, training, and coaching her private clients.

We met with her current husband, who said: “She walks her talk. I’ve never met anyone who is as congruent as her. And she is a tough and very loving coach. She loves her clients and she loves getting results. In fact, I’ve learned so much from her. You need amazing time-management skills to do what she can do”.

Omar Khamissa is working on her next book, “Secret Strength: Unleash The Unstoppable Woman Within” due to be released in April 2016 to commemorate her fiftieth birthday.

Omar Khamissa loves engaging with her global audience on her very popular Facebook Live videos. Her energy is contagious and lively. She makes transformation fun and enjoyable. 

You can find Omar Khamissa on her facebook page or on her website.


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