Best Selling Author, Speaker, And Millionaire Maker Loral Langemeier Interviews The “Wolf Of Wall Street”, Jordan Belfort, On The [Market Awareness] Broadcast, Live On Tuesday, May 12th At 12pm PST

Published on May 11, 2020

Owner and CEO of Integrated Wealth Systems, Loral Langemeier, was the featured guest on AWOP Podcast with host Raven Glover talking about her upcoming interview with the “Wolf of Wall Street”, Jordan Belfort, on the [Market Awareness] program on Tuesday, May 12th at 12 pm Pacific.

On a recent episode of Amazing Women and Men Of Power Podcast with Host Raven Blair Glover, Loral Langemeier, The “Millionaire Maker”, spoke about her upcoming interview with the “Wolf of Wall Street”, Jordan Belfort, on the [Market Awareness] Broadcast.  Loral and her guest Jordan will focus on financial issues related to the current COVID19 impact on the economy and will answer participants’ questions and share the facts and knowledge individuals need & deserve.

As a single mother, Loral has since dedicated her life to helping men and women from all walks of life to become millionaires and have time to spend with their families. This passion is what has motivated her to write five best-selling books, created two companies, Live Out Loud Inc and the multinational organization, Integrated Wealth Systems. Not only is Loral a business developer, she is also a key thought leader in the entrepreneurial space. As a single mother of two children, she is redefining the possibility for women to “have it all” and raise their children in an entrepreneurial and financially literate environment. Loral is often booked out for months in advance on guest spots on CNN, CNBC, The Street TV, Fox News Channel, Fox Business Channel-America’s Nightly Scoreboard, The Dr. Phil Show, and The View. She has been featured in articles in USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Forbes Magazine, and was the breakout star in the film The Secret.

Host Raven Blair Glover asked Loral how the idea for the interview came about, and how she knew Jordan Belfort, and Loral shared the story of how this came about. She said So March 6, and 7th I was in Houston, Texas, I’ve been traveling most of my life. And then this COVID thing happens and the government shuts down and the stay at home order happened. So, May 11th, 12th & 13th I actually have a live show in Reno, Nevada, where I’m live with like 40, 50 people, which dwindled by Friday, because everything was going on. I was calling in world-leading economists going “What the hell’s going on? What are we going to do?” And then finally, by March 17, the market crashed. So, I was live, then I’ve been live every day because I am a money expert. I’m gonna teach you what to do, how to keep your money, how to get lean, how do you make money? How do you do what you need to do? So, I’ve been broadcasting a curriculum, literally, what do you do minute by minute, given what you’ve done to yourself. Do you pay your mortgage? Do you not? Every detail on what you do. And so, my team and I circled around and we said, who would just be fun that I’ve traveled with? And so, I thought of Jordan. And so, I picked up this little phone right here and I texted him. I said, “Hey Jordan, it’s been years,” and it had been years since I met Jordan, I met him when he was just out of prison.”

When asked about her philosophy of teaching people to stretch themselves and just “go for it,” Loral answered: “So most people don’t even get up to go. Over 30 million people are unemployed and still sleeping & on vacation. It’s like, Are you kidding? In fact, I came up with this fact & put a new PowerPoint together. This is the most indiscriminate crash, everything’s on sale, when are you going to buy up your neighborhood because businesses can or cannot come back. What’s going to happen is a lot of businesses can’t come back because they don’t have the cash flow. But you can be a partner. If you’re sitting there watching Shark Tank, instead of sitting around watching Shark Tank be the shark. It might be only 10,000, it might be 20,000, it might be the auto body shop. It might be the restaurant, it might be the hair salon, they just need a little bit of cash to open up and you could be their partner. And that’s what I teach you how to do that. And how do you analyze whether you even open or not, and it’s worth it? And if you’re sitting there watching and say I’m not educated, then it’s your choice because you have nothing else to do. Watch us.

The interview concluded with Loral saying: I mean, you snooze, you lose. And you know what if you have an excuse, just notice how that’s always your pattern. Don’t be that person anymore. It’s your choice to recreate a very different life. I’m recreating mine & I’m having fun.

The interview will be available HERE shortly on the Amazing Women and Men Of Power Podcast.

To find out more and to sign up for the live broadcast (accessible on Zoom or in Loral’s “Millionaires in Training” Facebook group), go to Live participants will have the opportunity to ask questions and will also receive a copy of Loral’s Put More Cash In Your Pocket eBook.

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