Best-selling Authors AlexSandra Lett and Diana M. Needham Share Secrets on How to Sell Books at Small Business Expo in Raleigh, NC

Published on August 15, 2016

Two best-selling authors will discuss insider secrets for publishing and promoting your book at the NC Small Business Expo (NCSBE) at 1 p.m. on Saturday, August 20, at the NC State Fairgrounds-Exposition Center in Raleigh,NC.

Authors AlexSandra Lett of Sanford, NC and Diana M. Needham of Chapel Hill, NC are marketing experts who know how to write books that sell and also create name recognition in the marketplace. Lett’s sixth book “The Harvest, Timeless Lessons for an Abundant Life,” released last December, and both Needham’s books “The Authority Mindset: Proven Principles For Establishing Yourself as an Expert in Any Industry” and “17 Legal Ways to Double Your Income,” published in 2014 received recognition as best sellers on

During the program (called the Authors’ Nook) at the Expo, both authors will share secrets and strategies for writing, publishing, promoting, and selling books that meet the needs in the marketplace. For more information about the Authors’ Nook, click here. 

Lett grew up on a big farm near Sanford and started writing as a way to get away from constant chores and to express creativity. Following receipt of a journalism degree at UNC-Chapel Hill, Lett pursued diverse experiences with newspapers, magazines, television, public relations, and professional speaking. While serving as lifestyles editor of The Sanford Herald, Lett wrote a health column and self-published her first book, “Natural Living, From Stress to Rest,” but did not know how to promote it.

In 2000 Lett started writing a nostalgia column, Lett’s Set a Spell, for various newspapers and websites. This led to the publication of “A Timeless Place, Lett’s Set a Spell at the Country Store.” After three printings sold out quickly, readers were asking for more. In 2004 Lett created “Timeless Moons, Seasons of the Fields and Matters of the Heart;” in 2005, “Timeless Recipes and Remedies, Country Cooking, Customs, and Cures,” and in 2007,“Coming Home to my Country Heart, Timeless Reflections on Work, Family, Health, and Spirit.” In 2009 Lett narrated a four-CD audio set of “A Timeless Place,” produced by the N.C. Department of Cultural Resources. Annually Lett booked 150 book signings and speaking engagements for several years and published her latest,book, “The Harvest” in 2015.

Meanwhile Diana M. Needham grew up in Ohio and had a highly successful and powerful career at one of the top banks in the country. Leaving the corporate world in 2008, Needham founded Needham Business Consulting to fulfill a dream and mission. While marketing strategy is a key discipline, the authors and aspiring authors who work with her know her as the ‘Book Shepherd.’

Needham’s primary focus is to help first-time self-published authors become Amazon bestselling authorities in their field. Shepherding clients’ books, providing hands on guidance through the publishing and launch processes, and serving as both a mentor and partner, are key components of her offerings.

Needham is a self-published author of two bestselling books, the creator of the Leverage Your Message program, a professional speaker, marketing strategist, business coach, and journalist for Small Business Trendsetters.

About the North Carolina Small Business Expo (NCSBE)

The North Carolina Small Business Expo (NCSBE) is sponsored by the Business Alliance of North Carolina (BANC) of Raleigh, NC, DJP Literary Group of Angier, NC, and Southeast Raleigh Assembly, Inc. (SERA) of Raleigh. Melanie Paul, founder and president of BANC, noted that “the expo is a great networking and marketing opportunity for small businesses throughout the state. It is an excellent way for exhibitors to increase their brand identity through the promotion of their products or services to decision makers as well as to network with other business professionals.”

For more details on the Expo, click here.

About AlexSandra Lett

AlexSandra Lett is the president of Transformations, a company that offers life-changing publications and speaking engagements. Lee relishes helping readers and audiences look at personal and professional experiences, especially changes, with different insights to use them as lessons for creating a more fulfilling life.

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About Diana M. Needham

Diana M. Needham is an educator and advocate for coaches, consultants, speakers and authors (both published and unpublished) who want to leverage their message to position themselves as the authority in their fields and use their book as a powerful, strategic marketing tool to get more VIP clients and increase their income.

To learn more about services and offerings, go to

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