Best Selling Authors Maureen Hagan and Nathalie Plamondon-Thomas Reach Amazon Best Seller Lists with Release of New Book, “THINK Yourself a RELATIONSHIPS PRO”

Published on August 12, 2018

THINK Yourself® a RELATIONSHIPS PRO by Maureen Hagan and Nathalie Plamondon-Thomas, reached #1 on Amazon’s Best Seller List and was named a Hot New Release.

THINK Yourself® a RELATIONSHIPS PRO: The STYLE-L.I.S.T. Personal Assessment Tool To Know Yourself And Master Communication reached Amazon’s best seller list on July 26th, 2018, climbing all the way to #1 in the Communication & Reference and Words & Language categories as well as a best seller in Marketing For Small Business.  It was also named a Hot New Release on Amazon in numerous categories.

Co-authors Maureen Hagan and Nathalie Plamondon-Thomas teamed up to write this book with the aim to help people discover a powerful way to master their ability to communicate effectively.

Named as one of Canada’s 20 Most Influential Woman in Sport and Physical Activity, the International Fitness Industry’s Woman of the Year and a Top 100 Health Influencer in Canada, Maureen Hagan co-wrote the book with Nathalie Plamondon-Thomas, an influencer with a Proven System to reprogram the brain and obtain transformational results.

This book teaches the premise that a person’s personal and professional relationships are directly connected to personality styles. The book addresses questions such as:

“Does the reader identify herself or himself as being a certain personality type?”

“Is the reader convinced that their personality traits are set in stone?”

“Does the reader sometimes wish they react to things or people differently?”

“Why do we get along so well with some people and not others?”

The STYLE-L.I.S.T. personal assessment tool described in this book allows the reader to know and understand themselves better, improve themselves, master communication, collaborate, influence, lead, sell, connect, and generally get along better with the people around them. The reader may see themself as always having been a certain way with certain personality traits, but that does not mean they cannot change. This book shows the reader how.

The four STYLE-L.I.S.T. profiles the reader discovers in this book explain the way the brain is wired. This is what makes the STYLE-L.I.S.T. unique. Each layer of the brain needs to be addressed in order to reprogram it and to create transformational results. This book illustrates how to use one’s personality style and that of others in order to become a Relationship Pro.


Maureen (Mo) Hagan is a global Health and Wellness Expert, No. 1 Best-selling Author, Speaker, International Award-Winning Program Director and Fitness Instructor. Hagan is a licensed Physiotherapist and certified Fitness Instructor and has been recognized for her career which has spanned over three decades; named as one of Canada’s 20 Most Influential Woman in Sport and Physical Activity, the International Fitness Industry’s Woman of the Year and a Top 100 Health Influencer in Canada. She is living the dream life she envisioned, and she is an influencer of change, helping to inspire new levels of awareness for fitness, health and wellbeing worldwide. She believes that we are all here to serve the world in our own special way. By honoring our own unique gifts, we inspire others around us to be and do the same.

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Nathalie Plamondon-Thomas: Most people know exactly what to do, and yet, do the reverse. Plamondon-Thomas is the Expert with a proven system to reprogram the brain and achieve transformational results. Founder of the THINK Yourself® ACADEMY, Speaker, Master Life Coach and No.1 best-selling author of ten books on wellness and empowerment, Nathalie combines 10 years of experience in human resources, 25 years in sales and 30 years in the fitness industry. In 2007, she was “Fitness Instructor of the Year” for Canada. She uses neuroscience in her practice as a Life Coach, Executive Coach and Transformation Expert to reprogram the brain to end self-sabotage and live to full potential.

Nathalie Plamondon-Thomas can be reached at

THINK Yourself A RELATIONSHIPS PRO is the latest release in the THINK Yourself SERIES, developed by Vancouver-based Nathalie Plamondon-Thomas, which includes THINK Yourself THIN, THINK Yourself SUCCESSFUL, THINK Yourself CLEAN, THINK Yourself GRATEFUL, THINK Yourself HEALTHY and the soon-to-be-released THINK Yourself WEALTHY, THINK Yourself AN AUTHOR, and THINK Yourself SOBER.

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