Bestselling Author Reveals 13 Strategies to Make Money Fast

Published on October 18, 2019

In this inspiring business anthology, which hit the Amazon bestseller charts with seven Number 1 results internationally within days of its release, Dr Izdihar Jamil focuses on making money fast in business.

13 successful innovators, entrepreneurs and businesspeople from around the world share their personal strategies to quickly increase their cash flow.

“It takes time to grow a business, and as all entrepreneurs know, time is definitely money. Increasing your cash flow can breathe new life into your business, and give you the breathing space you need to continue on your entrepreneurial path.”

– Dr Izdihar Jamil, author of 13 Key Strategies To Make Money Fast In Business

Dr Izdihar contributed to bestseller “She Made It Happen” an anthology of empowering, real-life female entrepreneur stories, which also hit #1 internationally. 

The former stay at home Mom and computer scientist, who teaches entrepreneurs to make sales via her online coaching platform, has brought together a diverse range of entrepreneurs for the book, who share their own unique success strategies and personal stories. 

Dr Izdihar believes that it’s the personal touch in her books that helped make them so popular.

”Anybody can tell you the many different ways to become successful. But when you actually talk to self-made, motivated people, they will tell you how they did it – not how they think it should to be done. Reading these chapters is like having 13 different mentors, who have all succeeded in very different ways,”

– Dr Izdihar Jamil

Each contributor to the book is uniquely placed to offer an individual perspective on a whole range of business practises and strategies. By focusing on how to bring money into the business, this book is a powerful tool of enterprise, and sure to inspire entrepreneurs from all backgrounds and skill types. By collecting the wisdom of a diverse pool of entrepreneurial talent, Dr Izdihar shows that there is no one way to succeed in business – there is only your own way, and that the journey is as important as the destination.

The other contributors in the book are Amanda Rush, Azlin Ishak, Arooj Ashraf, Dr Hanim Romainoor, Ija Juhari, Nikoleta Djordjevic, Dato’ Sayed Alfeizal Ahmad, Datin Shomiriza Shomidan, Dr Sawiah Jusoh, Silas J Lees, Stephen Paluszek, Tyson Sharpe, Yentti Amir.

13 Key Strategies To Make Money Fast In Business is available here


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