Bill A Johnston Unveils New Book “Why Facebook Works for Funeral Homes” At National Funeral Directors Association International Convention & Expo In Chicago October 27-30

Published on October 21, 2019

Bill A Johnston, President of Post and Boost®, announces and unveils the new book, “Why Facebook Works for Funeral Homes and Everything Else Doesn’t” at the National Funeral Directors Association International Convention & Expo in Chicago.

Bill A Johnston‘s new book, Why Facebook Works for Funeral Homes And Everything Else Doesn’t! is striking a chord with family-owned funeral home operators looking for an advertising answer that can help them grow market share, effectively brand their business, educate consumers about the benefits of pre-need planning, and communicates options that lead families to make informed decisions about the cremation process.

The book demystifies how Facebook works for the funeral home industry and explains how funeral home directors can leverage it as a key advertising platform. The book includes the top eleven topics that resonate with Facebook readers and includes real-world examples.

“It’s always felt awkward for operators to advertise in traditional mass media,” Johnston explains. “It’s easy for mainstream retailers like furniture stores, restaurants, and car dealers to consistently write persuasive copy, but writing advertising for their funeral home and then keeping it fresh has proven to be an almost impossible task.”

“When we first started writing posts for funeral homes on Facebook, some of our clients worried about writing about death,” Johnston said, “but what we discovered is Facebook users love their funeral homes, and especially love the people who work there. That was our biggest wonderful surprise.”

Johnston goes on to share, “When a Facebook user reads a funeral home post, we’re transferring a feeling, the kind of feeling that’s impossible to create using mass media. Because it’s a one-to-one media, we can get very personal, and since our clients sell personal services, Facebook works.”

The book will be officially announced and unveiled at the National Funeral Directors Association International Convention & Expo in Chicago October 27-30. As the world’s largest funeral service expo, this conference is attended by thousands of funeral service professionals from around the world.

“I am so excited to bring this book to an industry that’s thirsty for effective advertising solutions,” Johnston said. “In the three years I have been working in this space, you become inspired by the courageous and needed work performed by these professionals. This book has the potential to help every one of them to connect with consumers living near their firm, and because it’s Facebook, they will see real and immediate response to who they are and what they do, a response they have never seen or felt before.”

In response to the question of why he wrote this book, he explains, “After spending more than 25 years working in mass media, I have never received the kind of positive feedback from any advertising campaign from any advertiser as I consistently receive from the funeral homes I have the honor to write for on Facebook. Once they read my book and see the real examples of how it works, it’s my hope it will positively change their business.”

The book is available on Amazon in both print and Kindle versions. 

About Post and Boost and Bill A Johnston

Bill A Johnston is President of Post and Boost Inc,  an agency that specializes in advertising on Facebook for funeral homes.  Post and Boost offers a market exclusive advertising service for funeral homes on Facebook. The company’s proven, effective system of messaging and photography on its proprietary platform brand both the funeral home business and their staff, consistently promotes the benefits of securing pre-need services, increases the client’s local market reach, and more.

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