Billy Wagner, Owner of Brightway Insurance in Ponte Vedra Beach Florida, releases his new book featuring all his business success strategies

Published on June 16, 2022

In his new book, Billy Wagner shares his secrets to simplifying his business life so he has time to make an impact on his local community

In 2006 Billy Wagner started his own insurance agency. Over the first ten years he opened ten locations and built a $50,000,000 book of business.  He was able to sell his interest in 9 of the locations and set his sights on building another $50,000,000 business with just one office.  To do that he had to answer the question: “What would it look like if it were easy?”  How could he build the same business with only one location and a small number of employees?  He is now well on the way to that goal and will do it in half the time.

To share how he’s been able to do what he has done, he just released his new book: “Business Masterclass: What would It Look Like if it Were Easy?”

“I am being asked more and more to speak on the topic of simplifying business to free up time to spend with what’s important to you in life. Too many business owners think they have to spend so much time running their business.  I’ve proven that’s not true,” says Wagner.

In the book Wagner shares

  • 21-Step process to find and hire world-class, profit-producing team members
  • How to casts a vision and communicate with the team for world-class results
  • How to simplify your life, get back 20 hours, and spend time on things that matter
  • How to build a system that generates over 5,000 referrals per year
  • How to create Autonomy in your business
  • How to create a culture of accountability with your team
  • A proven process to work yourself out of a job in your business

 In every chapter you will find practical ideas, techniques, tips, and principles Wagner has learned and implemented to become one of the top producing insurance agencies in the country.

About Billy Wagner

Billy Wagner is accustomed to winning insurance industry accolades and views his success as a beacon for those in need.  He has spoken in front of thousands of people on how he solves some of the biggest obstacles in business and gives you a blueprint on how to retire from everything you no longer have a passion for in business.  He is obsessed with saving time and simplifying his life to improve upon his core values of relationships, growth, and making an impact in the community. Billy and his wife, Anouk, live in Neptune Beach, Fla., with their son, Landon, and daughter, Skylar.

Billy Wagner can be reached at

Location Info:
Brightway Insurance, Ponte Vedra Beach
111 Solana Rd, Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida 32082

Company Name: Brightway PVB
Contact Person: Billy Wagner
Phone: 904-280-4102
Country: United States