Black Men Rock Reaches Best Seller Status In Three Amazon Book Categories

Published on February 24, 2015

Black Men Rock is the recent book from radio talk show host and coach Michael Taylor. Taylor received good news recently when it was revealed that the book has reached best seller status in three book categories. The book focuses on how to help black men succeed in life and in business.

Michael Taylor’s Black Men Rock just earned a significant honor. The book, which attacks negative images of black men head on and offers solutions to help black men lead more successful lives, is now a best seller in three Amazon categories. Taylor has dedicated his life to exposing black men to positive role models and to have this book reach such success so quickly is an indication that his message is resonating with readers.

Taylor recently spoke about his reason for writing about this topic and said, “As an author of three books, I am also dispelling the negative media-generated stereotype that black men do not like to read. I am also challenging the notion that black men will not participate in personal development programs. I believe black men have been waiting for a program that deals with our unique emotional and psychological makeup and the Black Men Rock book and empowerment course is exactly what black men have been waiting for.”

Black Men Rock currently sits on three Amazon best seller lists. The book appears twice in Kindle books’ self-help category at #11 on the list of books that focus on self-esteem and at #43 on the list of motivational books. In the regular book section of Amazon, the book is at #85 on the self-esteem list in the self-help section. The book is in good company on the lists and is only five spots behind the best-selling new book from TV personality Steve Harvey, Act Like A Success, Think Like A Success.

The book has received critical acclaim and readers view it as an important tool that helps black men change their lives. One reviewer summed up the thoughts of many when he wrote, “In his latest book, Black Men Rock10 Keys to Empowering Black Men to Live Extraordinary Lives, author Michael Taylor approaches the matter of being a black man in America with thoughtfulness and grace. This book challenges the concept of traditional manhood in the African American community by encouraging black men to step outside of the box society has placed them in, and allowing themselves to grow into the loving and productive people they are capable of being. Taylor dismisses the notion of limitations due to skin color and racism. The author states plainly his belief that black men are in control of their own destinies.”

Taylor drew upon his own experiences to write this book and has overcome divorce, bankruptcy, foreclosure, and depression to become a positive role model for young black men. Black Men Rock is his manifesto to show black men that they can overcome the negative images that society bombards them with and by focusing on the positive, they can take charge of their lives and become the successful men they were meant to be.

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