BNI Launches Brand New Chapter To Support Business Owners Grow Their Brand, Create New Connections and Make More Money.

Published on March 21, 2019

The newest chapter of BNI in Ontario Canada, Wealth Builders, boasts twenty seven members in under six months and aims to explode to sixty members so business owners can grow their brand, create new connections and make more money.

BNI announces their newest chapter, Wealth Builders, with an outstanding twenty seven members joining in under six months.

BNI is the largest networking organization in the world, where members meet once a week and refer business to each other. The newest chapter of BNI, Wealth Builders, meets every Thursday at 9 :30AM at the Pickle Barrel, in Yorkdale Mall, in Toronto, Canada.

When asked why she joined, Fatima Omar said, “I loved the energy, connections and power. I wanted to be a part of this”.

A big advantage of being in a BNI chapter is, there is only one person represented by each industry. Once you join, you lock-out your competition.

Alena Nyvltova holds the seat for Energy Work

Andrew Wells holds the seat for Real Estate Investments

Anthony Gordon holds the seat Investment Financial Planner

Anton Katz holds the seat for Corporate Law

Arpita Gandhi holds the seat for Bookkeeper

Ash Deen holds the seat for Expense Management Consulting

Ashley Sweetman holds the seat for Caterer

Athena Constantinou holds the seat for Mortgage Agent

Bob jet holds the seat for Invest. Specialist Stocks Bonds Mutual Funds

Brian Chiasson holds the seat for Information Technology

Cory Kiehn holds the seat for Non-Profit Organization

Dan Carvalho holds the seat for Water Treatment

Dan Stramer holds the seat for Web Design and Development

Daniel Italiano holds the seat for Property & Casualty Insurance

Debbie Kemp holds the seat for Health & Wellness Services

Dianne Colquhoun holds the seat for Promotional Products

Edith Kernerman holds the seat for Life, Health and Disability Insurance

Fatima Omar Khamissa holds the seat for Publisher

Henry Hernandez holds the seat for Fitness Trainer

Kashif Chandani holds the seat for Commercial Bank Services

Kathryn “RaRa” Asaro Mayers holds the seat for Relationship Marketing

Marilyn Cox holds the seat for Nutritional Supplements

Mayur Gandhi holds the seat for Accountant

Mike Wallace holds the seat for Equipment Leasing

Mounir Kamal holds the seat for Large Format Printer

Neil Goldhar holds the seat for Business Coach

Sarojini Sinivasan holds the seat for Attorney-Real Estate

One of the founding members, Edith Kernerman said, “This is only the beginning, we are aiming for sixty members by September 2019”.

At the meetings each member has sixty seconds to introduce themselves as an elevator pitch. BNI members are encouraged to do one-to-one meetings and to think of their team members as their sales force. The meetings are well planned out, structured and effective. Members may invite guests who are also permitted to share their own business cards plus an elevator pitch to promote themselves. 

The executive leadership team consist of Daniel Italiano as President, Athena Constantinou as Vice President, and Mayur Gandhi as Treasurer.

Members are also encouraged to log into BNI university to study articles and listen to podcasts that have been created by the founder of BNI, Dr. Ivan Misner. This educational content is designed to teach and educate members on the best-practices of referral marketing.

For more information on how to join this BNI network or to be invited as a guest, click this link

Company Name: Fatima Omar International Inc.
Contact Person: Fatima Omar Khamissa
Phone: 4167210994
Country: Canada