Boardwalk Brand Holdings Corp Founder, Lindsey Brooks & Associates, Will Share Their Vast & Expansive Knowledge In “Direct Response Facebook Consumer Product Sales” At The Las Vegas Hardware Show

Published on May 6, 2019

At the Las Vegas National Hardware Show, you'll find everything you need to move your business forward, including new buying opportunities, merchandising ideas & solutions, money-saving deals & face-to-face networking opportunities.

This FREE event will be at the Las Vegas Convention Center, MAY 7 – 9, 2019. The attendees can see 2,800+ exhibitors (500+ new exhibitors!) along with 110+ inventors covering 15+ product categories, including everything from homewares to international sourcing to made in USA products and more.

Pictured left to right is the Boardwalk Brand Team: Jake Wilson, Director of Facebook; Peter Mendham, Pitchman; Jason Gonzalez, Director of Operations; Andrea Hance Evans Esq, Trademark and Patents; Lindsey Brooks, CEO; John Cremeans, Chairman, and Director.

Boardwalk Brand Holdings Corp, the leader in direct response Facebook consumer product sales, is setting up shop at the National Hardware Show. Founder, Lindsey Brooks with her associates and co-founders, will be attending the Las Vegas Hardware Show sharing their vast and expansive knowledge concerning direct response, As Seen On TV/ Facebook marketing, live shopping consumer product launch; lean distribution and product development.

Lindsey Brooks, founder of Boardwalk Brand Holdings Corp says, ” I am so excited to meet with as many innovators as possible. I believe inventors and product marketers are changing the world minute by minute. These entrepreneurs are laying the groundwork for the future of business and jobs in this country.” Brooks regularly lectures all over the world. She has traveled to 120 countries; lived in 6, has sold in DRTV infomercials /live shopping on 5 continents. She is a regular around many government entities and affiliates. She visits Washington DC 4 times per year, has met 4 US presidents; spends time in Capitol Hill and in Olympia, Washington, the capital of her home state, defending inventors’ issues and helping express the needs of entrepreneurs. Brooks has been responsible for over 4 billion dollars in consumer product TV revenue, has coached celebrity presenters as well as produced, marketed, managed and launched many of the biggest Direct Response Television (DRTV) and retail hits of the last 15 years, including ShamWow, Schticky, Bottle Rocket, and The Perfect Wine Opener.

John Cremeans is one of the principal architects of the live shopping industry and will travel with her to the show to help empower and grow entrepreneurship in the inventors’ community. Cremeans has sold over 2 billion dollars worth of television products, as the most on television live TV host of all time. He has over 35,000 hours of TV time, which is more than most lifetime news anchors.

Peter Mendham has over 100 million views on Facebook for his comical and witty info/ satirical styles which include Facebook commercials for consumer bar kitchens and wine products. Their most recent item, the Bottle Rocket Wine Opener, is one of many brands held in the wine category as the highest grossing gift item in 11 years, at HSN for 2 years running with nearly a quarter million pieces sold, just through live shopping. Mendham paved the way on Facebook as the first infomercial style presenter to achieve “As Seen On” TV, Volume Traction through Facebook, direct to consumer and retail drive-based media.

Brooks says, “After a decade of Live Survey and Online Research, I can proudly say our team knows exactly why consumers buy things. We’ve cracked the code because we used this information to tell customers what they want. Then, we listened to them and now give them what they want before they ask for it !”

Brooks will also be adding extra value to this event on May 9, 2019, 9:35 AM – 10:15 AM. She will walk you through what it takes to make an actual consumer product successful, by yourself, using lean distribution principles, testing, and optimization, and retail test placement opportunities for inventors and product marketers.

Here are more of the panels Brooks will be on the Inventors Spotlight Stage:

SLC Group Holdings Pitch Panel – Brooks is the Moderator – May 7, 2019, 10:35 AM – 12:25 PM
Do you have a prototype or retail ready product, that you think solves a problem? Or have you taken an everyday product and made it better? Then we’d love to see your invention. SLC Group Holdings, an angel investment firm, is looking for new and inventive people/products to add to its portfolio. And it might just be YOU!!!

Ask The Experts – May 8, 2019, 4:00 PM – 4:45 PM
What questions do you have today about IP, marketing, licensing or resources? Our dynamic panel of experts invites you to participate in this informed, interactive Q&A session.

United Inventors Association Pitch Panel – May 9, 2019, 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM
Watch live as exhibitors from the show’s “Inventor’s Spotlight” pitch their products on stage to a panel of industry experts. They’ll receive real-time feedback and advice from decision makers known for launching some of the world’s most successful products. Share your new products and receive valuable feedback.

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