Bob Dubois Professional Network Marketing Leader in Colorado, Interviewed on Influential Entrepreneurs Discusses Time and Lifestyle Freedom in Network Marketing

Published on July 23, 2018

This powerful interview offers unique insights for people interested in network marketing and the financial and time freedom it offers. Listen as he discusses his own discovery of network marketing and what it has meant for his own journey. Bob discussed the mindset shift and reduction of stress that someone feels when they no longer need to strive and fight for promotions at work because they have built residual income.

Bob Dubois never graduated high school or went to college, yet he has found financial success and true freedom for the constraints of the usual rat race. After making millions of dollars in the network marketing industry. Bob discovered several revealing aspects surrounding maximizing time to re-allocate toward building a legacy for his family.

He began his walk with network marketing without knowing where he was going to find the time to do the work to make his network marketing business work but believing in the value of the opportunity in front of him. He wanted the opportunity to own his businesses rather than being owned by his businesses.

Bob Dubois explains in this interview how establishing a “why” will allow goals to be easier to reach than being pushed into a certain direction, why accountability is so crucial and how to get the very best out of that accountability by setting rewards for milestones achieved.

Learn more about the benefits network marketing has to offer by listening to the interview today.

Bob Dubois an entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience owning and running several successful businesses, he has a broad range of knowledge in management, marketing & human resources. Bob also has 14 years of experience as a top producer and income earner in the Network Marketing industry. He is a highly respected leader who loves helping people find the “Champion” inside themselves. Bob has become an accomplished speaker and trainer in Network Marketing.

Bob is a person that is relatable to many, easy to talk to & trustworthy. He loves meeting new people and building long lasting relationships! Bob is a husband to his wife Mary, father to 3 sons Andy, Casey and Robbie. He also has two granddaughters Emily and Paisley. Bob enjoys spending time with his family, fishing, hunting and the outdoors.

Contact Bob: Cell: 720 -435 -5076

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