Published on November 14, 2019

Bonni Shevin-Sandy is the President/CEO of, signed a book deal with T&S Publishing, LP to be featured in the next best-selling professional book “Women in Business ~ Leading the Way” ... To be released on Amazon in Spring 2020.

Bonni Shevin-Sandy is the President/CEO of, whose focus is dedicated to diversity and inclusion. Bonni the past CEO at Dard Products, INC., and President/CEO of DARD Design. With her entrepreneurial skills and a passion for the industry, she has propelled the growth of both companies.

Bonni has invented hundreds of items and patented over 52 items with an additional 8 patent applications pending, as well as proactively exhibiting in Hong Kong twice a year, with an average of 4-5 trips to China per year. Bonni opened an office in HK, run and managed by the ex-procurement global leader, Michael Rafael, who formerly put together the global buying office for Novartis pharmaceuticals in Singapore. We helped Michael and Novartis, utilize a cost savings ERP system, for global purchasing as well as significant cost savings, through the group buy, portion of the portal.

Bonni participates on seven major boards including PRAG (Public Resources Advisory Group), PPAI (Promotional Product Association International) Product Safety, PPAI Editorial Board, ASI Editorial Board and QCA (Quality Certification Alliance). Bonni was presented Entrepreneur of the Year in 2004. In 2005, DARD Design International won an Incentive Marketing Award and from then on has been included on ASI’s Multi-Million Roundtable. In 2008, Bonni made Counselor Magazine’s Power 50 List, and Bonni was named Counselor Magazine’s International Person of the Year in 2009 and also made the magazine’s 2009 Hot List as “The Innovator”. ( the 3rd woman to be on this list in over 40 years)

With DARD as a founding and accredited member of QCA, Bonni has and continues to be an industry pioneer in product safety and compliance, educating and speaking to other distributors and suppliers industry worldwide.

Women business owners have spent a fortune on training, seminars and masterclasses, with the aim of using the acquired knowledge to grow their businesses but unfortunately, very few of these workshops actually enlighten them on the challenges they are going to face in the business world and how to overcome them. This new book Women in Business ~ Leading the Way is designed to fill that gap in training and knowledge. The book will feature conversations with successful WBE Certified business leaders that have achieved success, offering some insight on how they beat the odds, overcame obstacles and barriers. The extremely valuable and realistic business insight will be shared from those who have succeed, offering suggestions on how to; manage a business including career transitions and challenges, balance business and personal life, and how to reach out for support and get help sooner rather than later; and much more. Get true-life stories, real experiences tested ideas, tried and genuine business solutions so you too can Lead the Way.

Bonni’s passion is helping other entrepreneurs organically grow by helping them through the WBENC certification process. Bonni has a tier one, tier two WBENC, cost savings, global solution. Bonni /Diversitypromos is a Veteran, military-run, and owned certified company. We give back 10% of all profits to the charity of your choice via our website.

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