Boutique Media Publisher Quanta D. Making Waves Through 2017 With Authority Media Publishing, News, Interviews and Online Radio

Boutique Media Publisher Quanta D. Making Waves Through 2017 With Authority Media Publishing, News, Interviews and Online Radio

The Alternative Marketing, “Boutique Media & PR Publisher,” Quanta D, pushes through 2017 with completions and highlights. With Its “Presence by Quanta D,” the tiny firm publishes unusual Digital Media with surprising new twists.

In the Spirit of Digital Transformation, Quanta D. continues to create and publish Digital Media alternatives, while covering and publishing News that can make a difference with “Presence.”

As defined by Quanta D. on Quanta D’s home site:
“…an eclectic mix of bridging branding, marketing and advertising with media publishing. Designed to enhance any campaign or brand type, Quanta D! shines light onto and into the true value and substance that maximizes your brand’s unlimited potential to achieve ever greater success.”

Quanta D. takes Its Authority Marketing blended with “Divine. Digital. Dimensions.” into new heights with special 2017 projects coming to the fore.

The Multi-Contributor boutique re-purposes past Business Innovators Magazine interviews into enhanced Digital with Quanta D. Radio for the Business Innovators Radio Network. The new “Featured Shows Page,” Quanta D. Radio offers up 3 platforms, or Its Publishing “portals,” contributed as Press for Business Innovators Magazine, now Hosting and Broadcasting Its 3 interview shows with multi-level digital media syndication for Online Radio. With “In the Business of Community,” “Spotlight On Natural Health,” and the Spring 2017 beginnings of “In Indie,” the talk-radio shows are opened with brands marketing in doing business differently.

The first episode of In the Business of Community opens with Emily McMonagle and Chary Sathea, Founders of Professional Network and Events Coordinators of The Cnnekt, NYC. Episode I of Spotlight on Natural Health is a revival of a Quanta D. interview of William Jiang, BA MLS, where Mr. Jiang speaks on his work the “Guide to Natural Mental Health. Startup Independent Artists and Copywriters, Ashley Vannoy and Justin Baxter of Ashley and Justin Create, open episode I of “In Indie.”

The “…Brighter Ideas” Publisher also begins to continue Digital Media Publishing with Journalism in Photo Spotlights. In Quanta D’s multi-dimensional style, the emphasis on building a number of Photo Essay series’ as a Small Business Trendsetters Contributor will focus on highlighting what is spotted by Quanta D.

As Publishing by Quanta D. includes a Book Publishing service alternative, Quanta D. has teamed with the UK’s Simon Chan, CEO of Digivue Consulting LMTD, currently in collaborations for Simon Chan’s expertise to be published in their upcoming “Dynamic Disruption, 8 Keys to Win Digital.” Simon Chan has signed a Publishing deal with Quanta D. for Digital Media projects that are set to continue throughout the Fall.

Ms. J Spearman, Creative Development & Journalist at Quanta D. states:
“The world rapidly changes with Digital, we may as well place more heart for what truly matters into It. To actually care for your prospects and customer clients has become a must. The game has changed so, more to come for the little firm that could.”

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