Brett Lechtenberg and Sal Rossano Hit Best Seller Lists with Travel Safety Book

Published on May 25, 2016

The Ultimate Travel Safety Program - A Common Sense Guide For Travelers And Missionaries, by Brett Lechtenberg and Sal Rossano, hit number one on the Amazon best-seller list, while simultaneously raising both awareness and money to help the missionary project in poor communities in Mexico.

Lechtenberg was quoted as saying, “This book will hopefully keep people much safer when they travel. Our goals was to give tried and true information from a variety of sources besides just our own individual training. We interview experts in their fields and put together what we think is a very unique empowerment tool for anyone who wants to travel recreationally, or participate in a humanitarian or religious mission.”

“This was a big goal come true for me,” says Rossano, a Special Forces Medic.  “I have traveled the world in my work with the military and been blessed enough to help many people. I sincerely hope this book and our corresponding projects will raise awareness for those in need and supply them some much needed relief in their lives. Not to mention keep people safe when they leave the United States.”

The Ultimate Travel Safety Program is a comprehensive guide designed to help both inexperienced and experienced travelers alike. It is designed to not only give people comprehensive travel safety tips, and real world medical advice to help them stay healthy and safe while traveling abroad. It also educates the reader on many aspects of trip planning, strategic tips for staying safe while sightseeing and how to effectively get help in an emergency.  The book also teaches the reader how to recognize the signs of potential problems before they leave on their journey and how to effectively escape bad situation before it escalates out of control.

Lechtenberg is known as Utah’s Leading Family Safety Expert and has been teaching people professionally about personal and family safety for twenty years.

Rossano is a police officer of the Salt Lake City police department and twenty-two year veteran of the United States Army. He has spent the last 10 years teaching emergency and tactical medicine around the globe as the team leader for the United States Army’s 90th Special Forces group to military, laws enforcement and civilians.

Both authors will be donating their time to hosting and teaching several safety and medical workshops in Salt Lake City in order to bring awareness to the children in need in Mexico and other places around the world.

The release of this book comes with a contributory element as well.  All profits from the sale of the book will to the Church of Valley relief efforts and will bring much needed food, water, school supplies and more to poor communities in Mexico.  In addition, clothes, shoes, and toys were gathered for these communities at the local Kid to Kid store run by Rossano’s wife, Monica.

The fundraising came about because of Brett’s interview with missionary training expert, Pastor David Ventura. David shared his 20 years of experience in missionary work and training missionaries around dangerous areas like drug cartels and other criminal elements.

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