Bucket Bliss:  A Little Story About a Big Retirement Idea by Stephen Swensen Hits Three Amazon Best Seller Lists

Bucket Bliss: A Little Story About a Big Retirement Idea by Stephen Swensen Hits Three Amazon Best Seller Lists

The release of the new book “Bucket Bliss: A Little Story About a Big Retirement Idea” hit the top 10 Best Seller List for the Retirement Planning, Business and Money, and Investing Basics categories in the Amazon Kindle store.

Stephen Swensen has dedicated his career to helping people create retirement portfolios with buckets of money that never run dry. In Bucket Bliss, he uses the analogy of flying to draw very real parallels with financial planning.

A successful retirement plan doesn’t have to be complicated. But, like flying an airplane, it does require preparation and contingency planning. That’s what Bucket Bliss is all about. In an attempt to save three people from running out of money before they run out of life, Stephen finds himself piloting a small airplane in the dark, without electricity, and with nowhere to land.

As Swensen attempts to save the lives of his passengers, he revisits three very different personalities – one who’s too frightened of failure to take any chances, one whose extreme risk-taking is bound to do him in, and one of sound reason.

While debunking the money myths “Timing is everything,” “All the good things in life are free,” “There are no guarantees in life,” and “Some people have all the luck,” Swensen holds tight to the wisdom imparted in the saying, “Better safe than sorry.”

Told with the insight of a man who understands the value of planning, this parable, which is based on a true flight, will prove inspirational, educational, and motivational.

The best selling book reached #1 for the Retirement Planning category, #2 for the Business and Money category, and #2 for the Investing Basics category in the Amazon Kindle store on October 7, 2014.

Stephen Swensen is a Financial Advisor and creator of the The Last Advisor Platform. Swensen markets the Last Advisor system to other financial advisors. According to Swensen, “What we’ve done with the platform is give the advisors tools to promote the strategy. Not just to the prospects, but to their clients, because their clients are going to feed them the best prospects.”

The Last Advisor system provides not only the platform to use with clients, but it also provides instructional books and marketing packets that the advisors can use with their clients and prospects. In addition to other features, it also provides the advisors with white board presentations which are hosted on a custom website for the advisor. These presentations can be used as primers for their prospects.

Struggling financial advisors need struggle no more to increase their income and have the lifestyle they want. The Last Advisor, by Stephen Swensen, could be the solution they’ve been looking for.

The book is available in the Amazon Kindle store at http://www.amazon.com/Bucket-Bliss-Little-Story-Retirement-ebook/dp/B00NOBI4V4

To learn more about Stephen Swensen, please visit www.lastadvisor.com

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