Business Coach and Financial Advisor Donna Connor Reaches the Top of Best-seller Lists with Cracking the Rich Code, Vol. 8

Published on July 20, 2022

Donna Connor—business coach and financial advisor—is one of the contributing authors to the best-selling book, Cracking the Rich Code, Vol. 8. The book became a best-seller in dozens of categories in the US and other countries.

Cracking the Rich Code, Vol. 8, was launched on July 13, 2022 and became a bestseller in not one but 53 categories—including “Business & Money,” “Personal Finance,” and “Business Consulting”—in four countries. It reached the number one position in the USA, Canada, the UK, and Australia. The book is the eighth volume in the Cracking the Rich Code series created by Jim Britt and Kevin Harrington, two of the most influential US entrepreneurs—Britt as a peak-performance expert and Harrington from the hit TV show, Shark Tank. Cracking the Rich Code, Vol. 8 delivers precise strategies from 22 international thought leaders that business executives need to know to optimize their growth and successfully compete in global markets.

Business coach and financial advisor Donna Connor is one of the contributing authors to Cracking the Rich Code, Vol. 8. With this book’s success, she reached #1 International Best-Selling Author status. Her chapter focuses on two powerful secrets that she’s implemented to reach her goals faster. The first is asking better questions to get the best results. She states, “Our brains were designed to solve problems. When we find ourselves stuck, we need to ask ourselves the right questions, in the right order, to solve the problems we’re facing and achieve better results.”

The second tool Ms. Connor discusses in her chapter is the power of working with coaches. “One of the main benefits of working with a coach is the fresh, informed perspective they can offer on problems you face,” she says. “In addition to offering new insights into challenges, a coach can help you zero in on negative patterns that could be standing in the way of your success. Working with a coach can bridge the gap between your current circumstances and the life you’d like to lead.”

Sales of Cracking the Rich Code, Vol. 8 surpassed those of books by life and business strategist Tony Robbins, Michal Gerber (The E-Myth Revisited), Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad, Poor Dad), Stephen Covey (The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People), Simon Sinek (Start with Why), Tim Ferriss (The 4-Hour Work Week), and Napoleon Hill (Think and Grow Rich). About Cracking the Rich Code, Vol. 8, Tony Robbins states, “This book offers some valuable entrepreneurial insights that will strengthen your life, your business, and your effectiveness overall.” 

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About Donna Connor: Donna Connor is an entrepreneur and the CEO of a multi-million-dollar consulting firm, NuQuo Group. She founded the Life on Purpose Academy, which helps people heal their relationship with money and live a life of purpose. She’s been helping couples get out of debt and pursue their dreams for the past 17 years. She also assists entrepreneurs in getting their personal and business finances in order to support and sustain their businesses long-term. Ms. Connor hosts free monthly financial workshops to teach people to take control of their finances, their future, and their dreams. Whether someone wants to be the next Elon Musk or simply be able to afford to be a stay-at-home mom, these workshops teach the financial principles needed to make this happen.

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