Business Consultant Stephan Stavrakis Shares His Secrets for Making Competition Irrelevant In an Interview on The Trust Factor Radio

Published on July 13, 2020

Stephan Stavrakis, owner of Perceptual Positioning in Vancouver, BC, tells you how to use your passion to light a fire under your workers, drive sales, increase customer loyalty and leave your competition in the dust.

Stephan, a business consultant in Vancouver and author of the white paper The Death of Competition, says any business owner can rediscover the passion that first drove them to start a new company. In an interview on The Trust Factor Radio, he talked about rediscovering the soul of your business. Stephan works with businesses every day who want to move away from traditional ideas about marketing to focus on the true value their company brings.

Stephan says businesses don’t need more systems. They just need to change the way they perceive their mission. He said his role is to help these business owners achieve that perceptual change. Perception is in his consulting company’s name, but Stephan expounded on the idea in depth.

“Essentially, the work involves putting them in such a strong position in the marketplace that nobody can compete with them. That usually happens by pulling out their true value as a company, and helping them express it through proper messaging,” he told host Neil Howe.

The Difference That Makes the Difference

Stephan said there’s some overlap between Perceptual Positioning and traditional marketing tactics like branding.

“Some people might see some things we do as branding,” he said, “but it goes beyond that. It involves the psychological aspects of discovering what it looks like to be in a marketplace where there’s a lot of competition, but there’s nobody that can compete with you.”

This vision holds true for workers in the company, too.

“They need to be able to express the truth of the value of the business and how much they love it,” Stephan said. “It’s about bringing the soul back into soulless systems, the soul back into the corporation and the soul back into companies. I think that’s the difference that makes the difference.”

Early Inspiration

In his wide-ranging and entertaining talk with host Neil Howe, Stephan described how he built his consulting business almost as a mistake. He said his original career plan was to be a motivational speaker.

“It started off with four or five people showing up including my mother,” he said, “and 12 months later, I had 600 people coming to my events.” That was great, but he discovered that he had something to offer beyond motivational speeches.

The business owners who showed up to his speaking events began asking him to help them steer their companies in the ways he was talking about.

“They wanted me to work with them in their companies,” he recalled. “All these successful business people asking for help became the impetus for Perceptual Positioning. It was this whole new way of looking at business and positioning your business in the marketplace.”

Charisma Isn’t Necessary

At the conclusion of his interview on the Trust Factor Radio, Stephan talked about famously charismatic business leaders. He said overwhelming charisma isn’t necessary for success.

“I think it’s really about people that just want to bring their truth to the world,” he said. “And if we can find who that is within the organization, pull it out of them, package it and put it into the organization, it’s game over. It doesn’t matter. Even the quietest organization can have a massive outcome of success.”

About Stephan: Stephan is the Owner of Perceptual Positioning And Marketing, Ltd. in Vancouver, British Columbia. Stephan has brought together a team of individuals that all have built successful companies. He taps into their knowledge, skills, abilities and experience to create real, practical and provable strategies to help his customers increase sales and profits.

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