Business Experts Join Forces in New “Ask the Experts” Book Offering Readers A Financial Check-Up

Published on December 12, 2017

A group of leading experts bring their knowledge together in a new book called Ask the Experts: The Unique Benefits of Working with Top Professionals. The contributors are industry leaders in financial planning, law, insurance, real estate, lending, and taxes. The new book gives readers insights into getting their financial house in order and provides easy-to-understand advice that readers can put to use in their portfolios.

Los Angeles, CA – A new book is on the horizon that will offer readers the tools that allow them to conduct a personal financial tune-up. The book is Ask the Experts: The Unique Benefits of Working with Top Professionals and features top professionals in every field related to personal finance. The contributing professionals are leading experts in financial planning, law, insurance, real estate, lending, and taxes. The primary focus of the book is to offer insights into getting a financial house in order and educates consumers in terms they can easily understand and put to use in their own portfolios. According to the publishers, “Most people think they are ‘all set’ financially, but what does that mean? Today’s economy is unpredictable, market returns are not what they used to be, and successful people tend to put off financial planning. The information in this book is as applicable to a 25-year-old as it is to a 75-year-old. It is applicable to anyone who is seeking to get his or her financial health in order.”

Although the book is useful to readers at every stage of their financial life, it saves its best advice for those in the building phase of life rather than at the preservation or exit point. This information helps readers in the accumulation phase of their financial timeline. Those who have successfully accumulated some wealth, or who are prepared to experience some level of success, will benefit most from this information.

The contributing authors in this book include:

Eszylfie Taylor, Financial Expert, Taylor Insurance and Financial Services

Vanessa Terzian, Baby Boomer Specialist, Terzian Law

Dana Dattola, Certified Insurance Consultant, Weaver Insurance

Brian Parsons, Top Agent, The Parsons Real Estate Team

Monty Kennedy, Mortgage Planning Specialist, Home Street Bank

Chuck Stanislawski, 30-Year CPA, Stanislawski and Company

This team of experts give insight into how individuals can succeed by working with the right professional. Top-of-the-table financial advisor, Eszylfie Taylor, explains what it really takes to have a solid financial foundation. Vanessa Terzian, adjunct professor and top attorney, offers sound advice for baby boomers and how to care for aging parents. Readers will discover the importance of an annual insurance check-up from certified insurance consultant, Dana Dattola. Top-producing real estate agent, Brian Parsons, will explain why individuals should consider working with a real estate team instead of an individual realtor. Mortgage-planning specialist, Monty Kennedy, discusses how one can best navigate the process of obtaining a home purchase loan. Finally, 30-year-veteran CPA, Chuck Stanislawski, will teach readers how to reduce the pain of paying taxes while increasing the possibility of a tax deduction.

The book is due to be released December 15, 2017 on


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