Business Innovators Magazine Interviews Author of Amazon No.1 Best-selling Book, Think Like Your Dog and Enjoy the Rewards

Business Innovators Magazine Interviews Author of Amazon No.1 Best-selling Book, Think Like Your Dog and Enjoy the Rewards

Dog behavior specialist Dianna M. Young sheds light on common misconceptions owners may have about their dogs.

Business Innovators Magazine recently sat down with Dog Behavior Specialist Dianna M. Young for an interview that brought to focus her mission to help improve the companionship between dogs and their owners. Dianna is the owner and the operator of Camano Island Kennels & Stella Ruffington’s Doggy Daycare and author of the award-winning book “Think Like Your Dog and Enjoy the Rewards”.

Dianna’s advice to all those who are considering adopting a new canine friend is to first analyze their lifestyle and environment, and then match an appropriate breed type of dog that suits that particular environment.

 “You would want a breed of dog with an energy level that would do well in that living situation. Research breeds and their behavior tendencies, and look for an animal that would thrive in your environment. So often I see dog owners and dogs that are incompatible for each other’s lifestyle” said Dianna.

It is often thought that training is only for professional purposes, K9 or Seeing Eye dogs. According to Dianna, this belief could not be further from the truth. She tells BIM that in her perspective humans naturally approach relationships coming from a humanistic point of view; when canines are dealt with that same point of view the relationship runs into trouble. According to Dianna training is an ongoing process, good training is about teaching and reinforcing good behavior is an essential part of building a healthy companionship.

As a certified professional trainer Dianna encourages even experienced dog owners to training their dogs. She said, “There are many valuable benefits to our clients participating in their own training. During the process of training, the dog-human pair is bonding and relationship building. They are forming a relationship built on mutual trust and respect. When we train our client’s dogs for them, their dogs are a little dismayed to see us leave as we just finished building a strong, meaningful relationship with one another.”

In the interview, Dianna warns novice trainers against using training equipment that they haven’t been professionally briefed in using. Dianna Talks about the wide and varying training equipment available today on the market and that not all equipment is appropriate for all dogs and applications of use. Inexperienced trainers should be wary of the possible repercussions that bad training techniques might have on the behavior of the dog. Dog owners who are doing their own training should seek the consultation of a professional and experienced trainer for the best approaches.

Dog training and behavioral modification is just one of the services provided by Camano Island Kennels & Stella Ruffington’s Doggy Daycare, Dianna clarified that they also specialize in the Canine Hospitality Industry. “We offer boarding and grooming services as well as transportation for your pet. We encourage our clients to inquire if there is a service they may need.”

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