Business Optimization Expert Andie Monet Is A VIP Contributor In The # 1 International Best-selling Book, ‘Women Who Lead’

Published on December 9, 2021

Andie has also introduced an ‘Explosive Profits Bootcamp’ that provides tools to transform business strategies

Andie Monet, the business optimization expert in Houston, is one of the VIP contributors in the book titled ‘Women Who Lead’. In the book, she shares eight “Blow Up The Box” business tips that move business owners past common myths and common limiting beliefs about business growth and success. She is known for helping small businesses build a strategic “operations infrastructure”, which translates into explosive profits. 

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Andie also launched a new Bootcamp called ‘Explosive Profits Bootcamp’ wherein her courses help businesses transform their business strategy into successful, sustainable companies yielding explosive profits. 

“I was 16 years old when I started this business. I have come a long way in my journey, but even when I started, I knew I could help businesses solve any problem, i.e., including the most important one, how to streamline the business success journey and create explosive profits without adding new costs or hours to the day.” said Andie.

Coupled with her many business degrees, Andie’s experience with physics, engineering, advanced statistics, organic systems, and advanced economics provides her clients’ with a unique and powerful problem solving solutions that helps business owners move beyond limiting beliefs and sets them up for success.  

“I love people and making a difference in the world.  One way that I do that is by creating explosive profits for my clients while also reducing their stress, costs, and hours worked in the day, so they can have the business, and live the life of their dreams.” Andie further added. 

Furthermore,  she says:

“While working with my clients, I aim to find the most impactful strategies that cost the least amount of money and time and consider all areas of business such as operations, systems, marketing, sales, customer service, organizational structure, leadership, management, experience, skillset, strengths, processes, employees, finances, metrics, financial statements, vision, and goals.  I maximize, minimize, and optimize a customized solution specifically for the business. Most importantly, I teach them how to do it on their own.” Andie  Monet

By the age of 25, Andie was working in Hollywood, and within five years, she started working with foreign and domestic governments. “Determination, gratitude, a bit of stubbornness, and a growth mindset is what drove me to give my best at every job and deliver excellence.” Andie noted. 

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