Business Radio Host Neil Howe Interviews Experts on Tax, Wine, and Eyes This Week On Business Authority Radio

Published on February 19, 2018

Business Authority Radio show host Neil Howe interviews experts in the tax industry as well as visits an Atlanta Wine storage facility and talks about eye health with an optometrist in Phoenix.

Business podcast host Neil Howe shared the mic with financial, health and leisure exerts on his Business Authority Radio show.

It is tax time and people are looking to get some answers to their tax questions. This month has been interviewing tax experts, one of which is Real Estate Investment tax expert Michael Plak from Houston, TX about some of the concerns investors have when flipping homes. “Michael’s interview was very informative if you are thinking of getting into real estate investing you had better stop watching the reality flipping shows and get out in your area and learning from people who are doing this every day. There are many tax concerns that people don’t think about that hurt the bottom line,” said Howe. 

Howe also spoke with Kim Wyatt, a tax expert from Dallas, TX. “Kim gave some great information about buying and selling businesses. She also talked about what happens when businesses merge. Who is responsible for the taxes? This can get quite complex!” revealed Howe.

The final tax talk was with Tampa tax expert Cedrick West. “Cedrick talked about knowing your numbers as a business owner to give that platform of certainty as well as saving time and money with systems designed to deliver more profit,” Howe recounted. 

Business Authority Radio is a popular show on the Business Innovators Radio Network where influencers and innovators are interviewed from all areas of business. Howe has done well over 100 interviews with authorities from all across the country and world.

“I had a great conversation with Dr. Mark Page, an eye doctor from Phoenix” expressed Howe. “He talked about Invisalens which is like a retainer for your teeth, but for the eyes that helps keep the eyes in alignment so you can see clearly. Amazing stuff!” 

Howe’s last interview was with Atlanta Wine Storage facility owner, John Hall. Hall has 2 wine storage facilities in Buckhead and Midtown Atlanta where members store their wine and can come and go 24-7 to grab a bottle or meet with clients. “My co-host, Craig Williams and I got quite the wine education and a tour of the facility from John. I love his membership model that allows clients to use his social rooms for meetings and small gatherings,” reported Howe.

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