Business Reputation Engine Released to Help Companies Manage Their Reputation

Published on September 19, 2014

The Business Reputation Engine was recently released by Innova Marketing Group to assist businesses in managing and marketing their reputation.

Whether a retail shop, a restaurant or a healthcare clinic, all businesses must now focus on developing a stellar reputation.  Consumers are now relying on posted online reviews to determine whom they will do business with.  The reputation of any business is now readily available for anyone to find via many online review websites, like Yelp or Google, and consumers are definitely searching.

“Unfortunately, many businesses have not thought about their online reputation and how it may affect their business”, states Steve Querio, founder of Innova Marketing Group..  “We wanted to offer a system that would help a business more easily monitor, magnify and market a great reputation for themselves that actually helps to draw more business to them”.

To assist businesses with their reputation management and marketing efforts, Innova Marketing Group has released the Business Reputation Engine. The system allows any business, in any industry, to implement a powerful reputation platform for their business with three stages.

1. Monitor: Each business location will have many of its associated online review sites monitored for posted reviews.

2. Magnify: Customers, clients or patients of that business will be able to more easily leave a review of their experience.

3. Market: Positive reviews can be syndicated to their business website, social media accounts and even created into video.

Business reputation and online reviews have become an essential part of virtually any businesses marketing efforts.  Although most business owners have not come to understand the power behind it, the studies suggest that consumers do understand.

According to a 2014 BrighLocal survey, 88% of consumers say that they have read online reviews to determine the quality of a local business and 72% of consumers say that positive reviews help them to trust a business more.

In addition, a September 2013 Nielsen study demonstrated that 70% of consumers say that online reviews are among the most trusted source of information.

“Consumers today get to make the choice of who they want to do business with”, Querio stated.  “We want to help our clients showcase the great job that they do and allow the rest of the world to see that and decide to do business with them”.

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