Calgary Denture Clinic Hiring Second Denturist

Published on February 12, 2019

Denture Office in need of increased staff due to growing business.

Latest federal figures indicate that more than one in five Canadians over the age of 60 do not have their natural teeth. That is more than one million people.  Royal Denture Clinic is meeting the needs of some of this growing population in Calgary, Alberta.

Royal Denture Clinic is a denture lab where custom made dentures are created using high technical equipment using the latest materials in processing the dental appliance. In the lab, stone, acrylics and other materials are pressurized, cured, bonded, and polished to construct a one of a kind personal denture for each patient. A smaller lab at Royal Denture Clinic is used for the denturist to arrange and fit the denture along with specific touches to shape, refine, and detail for the perfect fit.

The dentures that are made at the lab include a partial or complete denture, along with dentures on implants and immediate or surgical dentures. Other services provided at the lab are adjustments, tissue conditioning, night guards, and custom sport guards.

Royal Denture Clinic is professionally run by denturist Nathan Schultz, DD. A Denturist works with other oral health care providers as part of a dental health team to provide the best oral health care for a patient. Schultz started his career in 1991 as a dental technician before moving forward with the Denturist Technology program at NAIT in 2005. He has served the Calgary community since 2008 as a licensed denturist. His growing business is currently hiring a second denturist for the Calgary office.

“We are ready to grow in staff for the first time in our history,” states Office Manager Jill Schultz of Royal Denture Clinic, “ We have actively started to recruit a second denturist and receptionist.”

Royal Denture Clinic is located at the Brentwood Village Mall in Calgary, Alberta.  For more information or to apply, please go to:

Royal Denture Clinic
3630 Brentwood Rd NW #313A, Calgary, AB T2L 1K8, Canada
+1 403-338-1014

Location Info:
Royal Denture Clinic
3630 Brentwood Rd NW #313A, Calgary, AB T2L 1K8
+1 403-338-1014

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