Cam Newton’s Costly Mistake Could Hurt His Image Too Says Branding Executive

Published on August 12, 2016

Brian Ainsley Horn, Co-Founder of the branding firm Authority Alchemy, analyzes Carolina Panther’s quarterback Cam Newton’s penalty in Thursday’s NFL game.

The Panthers were penalized 5 yards when quarterback Cam Newton ran onto the field in celebration after an interception, and that negated linebacker A.J. Klein’s 94-yard return for a touchdown.

“I just got too excited,” Newton told reporters. “I was hoping they would give a warning.”

Since last year, when Newton’s Carolina Panthers lost in the Super Bowl to the Denver Broncos, he has been criticized for not going after a fumble in the waning moments of the game, and he had a less than ideal press conference afterward.

Brian Ainsley Horn, co-founder of Authority Alchemy feels this mistake could also cost Newton endorsement and branding deals.

Horn said, “The people who criticize Cam will argue that this is further proof of his lack of class. They’ll say that if Cam can celebrate, dance, dab, and take group photos during the game when he is winning, he should be able to face the music after a loss. Some of those criticisms have merit, and we have seen both sides of criticizing Cam and defending Cam.  However, the lasting issue is whether his recent behavior could impact his rising star endorsement power moving forward.”

According to Horn, the smart thing for Cam and his endorsement partners to do would be to flip this into a new marketing angle where Cam’s reaction can actually be targeted to his fans and defenders.

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