Canadian Startup GoodShave Announces ‘Shave It Forward’ Commitment For Food Banks And Homeless Shelters

Published on November 25, 2015

Mark Hurson, co-founder of the premium mail-order razor startup GoodShave, was volunteering with his wife at a local homeless shelter when he realized that razors are almost never available to the people who need them the most; for them, razors are considered a luxury not a necessity.

This realization put in motion the need for his business, GoodShave, that is launching around a ‘Buy One, Give One’ business model.

Hurson says “I was stunned when I saw that there were only 2 cheap razors available for a bustling town of 50,000 people. In this day and age it is unacceptable that good people didn’t have the basic grooming tools. Many people associate their personal grooming with a sense of dignity and self esteem. So we decided we would create a great shaving company that delivers a wonderfully affordable shaving product for consumers and also gave back to those less fortunate. Hence we created the “Shave It Forward” initiative.”

In 2015, homelessness is considered an epidemic in several American cities. “Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and seven of the 15 City Council members announced they would declare a state of emergency and try to find $100 million to cure what has become a municipal curse.”

According to Coalition for the Homeless (.org), homelessness in New York City has tripled since January 2000, from approximately 20,000 people using provided nightly shelter services to more than 60,000 in January 2015.

Celebrity rocker and actor Jon Bon Jovi agrees with the importance of participating in programs that support homeless and at-risk people; he’s known for his Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation that supports programs that help at-risk families in America. Bon Jovi is quoted in Britain’s Daily Telegraph newspaper as saying, “I think volunteerism should be fashionable. That’s my goal: To make volunteering the new black.”

Marcus Saroop, Executive Director of the Beneficent Foundation, that develops charitable programs in over 35 countries and is launching a Food Matters program in Toronto, says “Goodshave is giving back to the people of disadvantaged communities. These three longtime friends have put people first by giving to the recipients at homeless shelters an exceptional shaving product and way to help people that may be having a difficult time put their best foot forward.” The Food Matters program’s on-site kitchen will serve the homeless and lower income families three healthy high-quality meals, prepared 7 days a week, from discarded fresh grocery-store food that would otherwise be sent to landfills.

On social media the campaign is being tagged with #SHAVEITFORWARD, to unlock an additional 10% subscription discount, encouraging people to share their support of GoodShave’s buy one, give one commitment that means customers enjoy the feeling of knowing their purchase also helps a homeless or at-risk person.

GoodShave is already winning the hearts of people on Facebook and of news organizations this holiday season – last week Hurson experienced a chance encounter between “Santa” and a young boy, a brief moment of incredible generosity and compassion that touched everyone in the Fergus, Ontario Tim Hortons coffee shop. He shared his feelings and the emotional experience shared by everyone who witnessed the exchange to Facebook, a post that has since been Liked nearly 20,000 times.

William Souvatzoglou Tweeted “@GoodShave this has to be one of the most ethical subscription razor companies I have ever come across. Well done!”

Blogger Brock McLaughlin says “As someone who grew up in East Vancouver, I’ve seen homelessness firsthand. Little things make a big difference, and that’s why it’s so great to see GoodShave shaving the day!”

Casie Stewart, a social media director and lifestyle blogger says “Putting your best face forward is hard when you don’t have money or tools necessary. I love GoodShave’s #ShaveItForward movement because it’s helping people in need to look good and feel good.”

GoodShave is expanding their startup program to help as many people through food banks and homeless shelters, as they have clients, in North America. Local food banks and homeless shelters that would like to receive razors from GoodShave to distribute are asked to contact Mark Hurson via e-mail mark [@] goodshave [dot] com or phone 519.942.5698. GoodShave is available online at

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