Carmen Amara of Amara360 Appears in Photo Essay on USA Today About Teaching Strength Through Art

Carmen Amara, a Miami Florida based artist and performer was chosen to participate in a photo essay for about Teaching Strength Through Art. She was selected due to her special expertise on using the arts to inspire others.

Professional artist, Carmen Amara of Amara360 in Miami, FL was selected out of thousands of artists and performers to appear in a national photo essay in USA Today on Teaching Strength Through Art.

Ms Amara was selected because of her track record as an artist, inspiring others to make better choices about health and life, and as an advocate for preserving our planet.

“I am very humbled to have this opportunity to expand my artistic presence to the world,” Amara says. “Through my art, my goal is to inspire hope in others, help them to break down barriers, and to do new things. Society tends to labels us. I desire that humanity could open their eyes and break free from that. Performing my art in front of audiences and inspiring them is something I have an extensive background in doing. I’m humbled to have this opportunity to touch the lives of many more people.”

The image published in USA Today is of Amara in an upside down position weighted almost completely on her head. It’s a pose created to give the organs more space, allowing blood to gravitate to the heart and brain. “It’s so refreshing,” Amara says. “It’s like seeing the world in a different perspective. Amara believes enduring pain and defeat is a significant attribute necessary to truly see life as a work of art.

Here is her quote from USA Today:

“The head is the central point, connected spiritually; it represents the defeat and strength from life’s pains. Through my art I show my followers they are stronger than they know. Once they accept that, anything is possible.” Photo by Jonathan Delgado.

Carmen Amara is a singer, dancer, fitness model and healer. Her presence is sensed strongly as she enters a room. Her multifaceted gifts are one to admire as she fuses many styles of fitness, dance and flexibility integrating it into her own one stop show.  

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