Carter Lechtenberg Earns 3rd Degree Black Belt

Carter Lechtenberg became one of the youngest 3rd degree black belts in the United States when he and forty fellow class mates tested for new black belt ranks at the 42nd black belt test conducted by Personal Mastery Martial Arts in Sandy, Utah on Saturday, December 5th.

Achieving the rank of black belt is extremely challenging for adults, let alone the 11 year-old Lechtenberg. The testing started with an eight-week curriculum review training, included a two-day intensive testing, and culminated with a demonstration by Lechtenberg and over 40 of his fellow classmates.

Lechtenberg has been training diligently since he was four years old. He trains consistently at least 2 days per week as well as taking part in special leadership trainings, instructor certifications, and advanced multi day trainings like rappelling, first aid, land navigation, leaders’ reaction courses and more.

“Carter is a very unique young man and poses focus and determination well beyond his years. Some of his focus can be attributed to martial arts and some to his own unique personality,” said Brett Lechtenberg, Senior Master Instructor and owner of Personal Mastery Martial Arts.

Lechtenberg also enjoys and excels in other fields as well. He is finishing up his fifth year in a duel immersion (Chinese/English) school, he is a gifted chess player, and he can solve a Rubik’s Cube in under three minutes.

Lechtenberg was quoted as saying, “I love martial arts, its fun and challenging.  I plan to train as long as its fun and I can learn new skills.  I want to be a martial arts master.” 

He will be eligible for his next black belt advancement in December of 2018, if he stays on track. 

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