Catalytic Converter Recycling Company Experiences Rapid Growth

Catalytic Converter Recycling Company Experiences Rapid Growth

Nationwide buyer and recycler of used catalytic converters, Key Metal Refining LLC, has been experiencing rapid growth in recent months.

Since launching its unique partnership with core buyers, junk and scrap yard owners, automotive repair shops, tow truck companies, and others sellers of used catalytic converters Key Metal Refining LLC  has been growing at a very rapid pace.  

During the initial launch company president, John D. Bruno, expressed that he is only interested in working with reputable people saying “We like to deal with people who are running a fair and honest operation. Who like us, believe building and sustaining relationships are important.”

Mike Crosby, the company’s purchasing manager adds “We are now buying from [customers] who are located in at least 33 states, and in Canada.”

Bruno attributes its accelerated success to the relationships developed with their new customers saying “We are getting new customers who are finding us to be trustworthy and reliable to work with.  In turn, those new customers are referring their buddies and colleagues to us…it’s like a snowball effect.”

Bruno believes the financial stability of Key Metal Refining’s parent company, DOWA Metals & Mining, gives them the ability to rapidly expand nationwide asserting “our parent company, DOWA, helps us to be unlimited in our growth and capabilities.”

About Key Metal Refining

Key Metal Refining (KMR) buys scrap catalytic converters as the raw material source for its platinum group metal sales generated through its recovery and refining process. KMR’s controlling partner is DOWA Metals and Mining Co. America,  a wholly owned subsidiary of DOWA Holdings Co, Ltd.

KMR de-cans catalytic converters at its plant in Hainesport New Jersey. The material is further refined and smelted by DOWA in Japan. 

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