Certified Fitness Trainer, Mac Cassity, Launches Over Forty Fit Club, To Help Busy Women Over 40 Get The Weight Off And Find Their Motivation To Live Strong And Healthy.

Published on July 23, 2018

Certified Fitness Trainer, Mac Cassity, Launches Over Forty Fit Club" specifically for busy women over 40 who want to destroy stubborn belly fat, build lean muscle, and dominate the second half of life.

Mac Cassity, who this year created Over Forty Fit Club, has been a certified trainer since 1993 and has personally trained thousands of women for what is now more than 25 years.

He has owned several fitness facilities, and seen a huge amount of misinformation provided by so called “fitness gurus”.

“It makes me sick, and this is exactly why I created the OFFC. I am committed to helping busy women over 40 get the weight off, eat properly to burn fat, and find their motivation to live strong and healthy for the rest of their lives. Thanks to my experience in training and coaching women, I’ve developed a proven system that has transformed the lives and health of thousands of people and their families,” said Cassity.

One popular element included in the Over Forty Fit Club is the “Lean In 19 Program”. This is a scientifically proven 19 day fat loss program that has helped hundreds of women kickstart fat loss and achieve a new slimmer body.

To help busy women shred the fat and get lean, new videos are released each day featuring different types of workouts for upper body, lower body, full body, fat loss/cardio, abs/core and more.

“Why pay $60/session for a personal trainer when you have one at the click of a button?”, said Cassity.

Meal-planning software is also included, to keep members accountable to their goals. This software makes meal planning virtually stress free.

To the question of how the Over Forty Fit Club is different, Mac Cassity answered like this: “Most of the online programs that exist now have tens of thousands of members, and everyone is just a number. If you quit or you’re not active, no one will ever know, but I don’t want that for my members!

I not only want to motivate you to complete daily workouts, but I want you asking questions and sharing your struggles. That way I can better serve you individually. This is why we cap our club at 1000 members so that everyone can get personalized attention.”


Mac Cassity even guarantees that you will see results if you complete the Lean in 19 program. If you sign up for the Over Forty Fit Club, complete the Lean in 19 program, login at least 19 days, and DO NOT go down at least 1 clothing size, you can get a refund for the cost of the club.

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