Certified Health and Wellness Coach Lisa Laura Named CoAuthor of New Book Silver Linings Storybook

Published on March 16, 2016

Connecticut - Local entrepreneur and certified health and wellness coach Lisa Laura has been named one of twenty one coauthors to participate in the new book Silver Linings Storybook: Successfully Navigating Stormy Days in Professional and Personal Life, publishing this Spring.

Laura was selected from candidates around the world to contribute her story, “Awakening Through Fear.” Her purpose in sharing her story, through the book and in her programs and events, is to connect with others and offer support to anyone wanting to change their life.

As a certified health and wellness coach focusing on the mind-body connection, finding the silver lining has always been a theme that has influenced Laura’s life. She explains “I’m a huge believer of the silver lining perspective and have been all my life! In telling my story, I explore my own fear of failure, isolation, and fear of being seen. I’ve realized it’s not until we face our fears head on that we truly start to live. Many times in my life, I’ve hung on to the silver lining idea, that glimmer of hope. I’ve lost several people close to my heart that have changed my life. The turmoil that I was in, as well as the heartbreaking emotions that came up, were unbearable at times. It wasn’t until I started seeing the silver lining that my life began to change. These were terrible losses I had to overcome, but I realized as I suffered, I also grew, and where I lost others, I found myself and that was an incredible experience. I can’t wait to share my story with the world!”

Silver Linings Storybook is a new book like Chicken Soup for the Soul, where each chapter shares a different personal story of overcoming hardship, or turning a disadvantage into an advantage, to impact and guide others. “It’s about the real value in life we take away from challenging times.” says her publisher and creator of Silver Linings Storybook, Debbie Horovitch.

The book is described as a guide for people who are struggling, to help them have faith in a positive outcome. “It’s about recognizing how strong, capable, and enduring we are, and how embracing those abilities will always help you fulfill your dreams in business, and in life. This book will showcase the best and most valuable insights from people from all walks of life, who have triumphed over incredible adversity.”

Brené Brown, famous author and advocate for authenticity and owning your story, says “You either walk inside your story and own it or you stand outside your story and hustle for your worthiness. Living your truth requires facing your fears and loving your authentic self. That is what living a fulfilled life means.”

Reminded of the words by famed writer Ernest Hemingway “We’re stronger in the places that we’ve been broken.” Laura says looking for silver linings is about the power of changing perspectives and seeing challenges for their value and the successes they herald.

Over the years as a coach, supporting hundreds on their journey of self-acceptance and fulfillment, Laura draws from her own path of challenges and perseverance as well as her corporate world experience in marketing to connect with and understand her client’s challenges. She has created “The Love Your Self(ie) Tribe” on Facebook to support and open one’s eyes to the power of self-love and acceptance conquering day to day challenges. Laura’s one on one personalized coaching programs, workshops and new wellness retreats are especially designed to support people who have lost their purpose in life and feel stuck. She uses her signature programs like “All Inclusive Wellness” and “Vision Board the Life You Desire” to help her clients gain a new perspective and follow their dreams again.

Her client Gina Cook, an MD, working as a Medical Resident at New York Presbyterian Queens Hospital in Flushing, NY who struggled with balance, stress and self-care, shares “If you have serious goals, you will get serious results. Lisa is an excellent motivator with a sincere desire to help one conquer their personal goals. I would recommend Lisa to anyone who desires even the smallest change in their life or anyone with a specific goal in mind who is having a difficult time finding the motivation to succeed.”

For more information about Lisa Laura and her unique way of healing from the inside out, and pre-order your copy of SIlver Linings Storybook, please visit: www.LogicallyLifted.com


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