Chad Hett Becomes Best-Selling Amazon Author With New Co-Authored Book, Secrets Of Top Producing Real Estate Agents

Published on January 21, 2016

Chad Hett, co-owner of the largest privately held home inspection company in North America, a company which has seen over 350,000 transactions and fellow co-authors reveal the secrets of the top producing real estate professionals.

Co-owner of the Elite Property Inspection Group, the largest California-based home inspection company, became an Amazon best-selling author with the release of his new co-authored book for real estate professionals just released on Amazon and at other online retailers.

Within days of its release, the new real estate book debuted at #1 and reached “Top 10” and “Best-Seller” status on two separate national and International Amazon best-seller lists in Real Estate and Real Estate Sales.

Together, Hett and his co-authors pooled their respective years of experience in real estate, home inspection and authority marketing to create a definitive “how-to” guide for achieving real and lasting success as a real estate professional.

Rosabeth Moss Kanter, a Professor at Harvard Business School reminds us, “Everything can look like a failure in the middle.” Real estate professionals just starting to build up their business, and those who haven’t felt like they have been able to keep up with the technological, industry and business strategy changes required to become successful today suffer from this “in the middle” and “feeling like a failure” problem that Professor Kanter warns business students about in her classes.

On January 3rd, 2016, Chad Hett, along with co-authors Jase Souder and Ken Sherman released their new book to help real estate professionals combat this problem. Secrets of Top Producing Real Estate Agents was instantly embraced by the real estate community for it’s no nonsense approach to teaching real estate professionals how to cultivate their own business success.

About Co-author Chad Hett
Chad Hett is co-owner at The Elite Group Property Inspections. His home inspection company has done over 350,000 inspections. That means 350,000 times his company has met with buyer’s agents or listing agents to go do an inspection. “We regularly meet with buyers and sellers and are involved in sales transactions every day. In fact, we’ve been in contact with over 500,000 agents over time!” Hett says. With his new, co-authored book focused on teaching real estate agents the secrets of top producing professionals in the industry; Hett has stepped in to add his expertise in home inspection and his observations of what makes the top real estate professionals stand apart from their competition to that of his co-authors Ken Sherman and Jase Souder.

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If you are a new or a seasoned real estate professional looking to increase your business success, visit to purchase a copy of the book, Secrets Of Top Producing Real Estate Agents. The book is now available in Kindle or print format at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, via iTunes and at other online retailers.

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