Change Is Inevitable… Learn How To Prepare And Thrive With Nicole Beissler

Published on January 6, 2020

Are you ready to start YOUR change now?

Nicole Beissler has traveled the world to train, speak and take part in interviews that have helped many create positive changes in their own lives.  

She has more than 30 years’ experience as a senior corporate executive and spent the last 10 years working as a Coach and Consultant. She is living in her true passion, an idea that was born when she was on a sabbatical working in an orphanage in Peru. When she returned back home to Germany and her corporate job, she knew she needed to change something. Creating more value, giving back to society was not always possible in her corporate life. But being already a certified Fitness Coach, she guided people to live healthier and to live healthier also includes the mind, hence she undertook a two-year educational program and became a strategic transformational coach. Her ultimate goal is to utilize all her unique skills to support others in their individual transformation processes.

Her wide range of experience in the corporate world combined with a very authentic and direct way in working with her clients, make her hugely successful in her results.  Creating change is her passion and this makes her a valuable tool for everyone to have in their tool closet!

The reality is everyone faces challenges on a regular basis, its just the way of looking at them, which makes the difference. It is also the way in which you perceive how you will be when you achieve your goals. Using a collaborative approach is Nicole’s way of connecting to her clients in a different way. As a certified coach, with an additional background of the Six sigma methodologies, she will lead all your change processes successfully thru challenging times. She is known for her exclusive style to train both, the mind and the body, which helps her clients to achieve exceptional results.

Nicole’s brand and business personality is very authentic, she is driven for results and very energetic. She is able to make ideas come to existence quickly and easily.  This involves taking risks, while challenging oneself and getting out of the comfort zone. She is always honest and direct with her feedback and her communication style is friendly, approachable and always with a portion of good humor. This assists in breaking down walls for clients to achieve at higher rates. 

She focuses more on the human, than on the process. If the human is “buying” the change, the process will follow. Sometimes you have to take risks and do something totally different to the initial plan or strategy and that may confuse the people involved, however she is not afraid to start over, if it is needed and have the difficult conversations with the stakeholders. 

Her new endeavors this year include a book, coaching and yoga retreats and a series of Global Woman Club’s networking events. She continues to build and expanding her global footprint to help others connect their mind and body. 

A powerful quote from Nicole: “Be grateful for all the challenges you faced in life, they made you to the person who you are today”.

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