Chapel Hill Business Consultants Host 2nd Annual Business Summit at the Carolina Club in Chapel Hill, NC

Chapel Hill Business Consultants Host 2nd Annual Business Summit at the Carolina Club in Chapel Hill, NC

Join top Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill local businesses at the upcoming Money Mountain Summit event. Early Bird registration includes exclusive VIP Dinner and the full day Business Building Summit at the prestigious Carolina Club.

Diana M.Needham and Earl Hadden of the Small Business Success Project host 2nd annual 17 Legal Ways Business Summit on September 30th at the Carolina Club on the Campus of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

“The Small Business Success Project Team hosted our inaugural 17 Legal Ways Summit in November 2014 with great success,” Hadden says. “The 2nd annual Summit, the 17 Legal Ways Money Mountain, will be bigger and better, with expert speakers focused on helping the small business community increase sales and profits.”

The Money Mountain concept is based on a fundamental change in the way people buy – or don’t buy – products and services. And while the way people prefer to buy has changed, the ways people market and sell our products and services haven’t kept up.

Hadden continues “Right now, most small business owners are wandering around the base of the mountain, totally unaware of the riches available to us by making the climb. And the rewards increase as businesses take action and move up the summit. At this event speakers will  educate about tribe, the steps on their path to the top of the Money Mountain and provide great resources to help them grow their businesses and profits.”

The importance of building a strong business community and having an impact is echoed by John Maxwell who says “The higher your business wants to climb, the more leadership is needed. The greater the impact you want to make, the greater your influence needs to be.”

Participants in both the inaugural event in November and the April smaller group summit appreciated the opportunity to network with other small business owners in the Triangle and Triad areas and to secure great information all in one place from dynamic speakers. The focus on sharing highly relevant and important business building concepts and information was highly valued by all who attended.

In addition to Needham and Hadden, local leaders including Sharon A. Hill and Gerald Ramoin will join nationally recognized experts who will share their wisdom about building your community the right way, communicating with your tribe, leadership, and delivering a WOW! customer experience.

“There are so many webinars and online vehicles for learning, but we all crave in-person connection, sharing, and networking,” Needham adds. “Most of us are “in-box” weary, as we are flooded with emails from all directions every day. Taking a day to focus on building your business and sharing with others in your own business community is a gift to give yourself,” she continues.

17 Legal Ways is offering special event pricing of $97 right now, with access to the VIP dinner with keynote speaker Tom Corley (author of the best-selling book Rich Habits: The Daily Success Habits of Wealthy Individuals) on September 29th included in the ticket price for the first 50 people who register. There are a few sponsor slots remaining.
Details of the pre-event pricing and special offers can be found here.

About 17 Legal Ways to Double Your Income

Earl Hadden started the Small Business Success Project in 2011 to work with small businesses, entrepreneurs and independent professionals. After 30 years working with corporate clients, Hadden observed that many small business owners worked long hours, but didn’t achieve the successes they desired.

“There are over 50 activities that a business owner deals with on a regular basis,” according to Hadden. “They are skilled at a few, usually those about which they are passionate, yet have little or no expertise in the rest. Research has shown that most people in business spend over 80% of their time working on the activities that are not tied to generating revenue.”

In 2014, Hadden worked with a team of top North Carolina business mentors and coaches to develop 17 Legal Ways to Double Your Income, an educational program for businesses from startups to companies with up to $5 Million in sales. The focus is on helping small business owners, independent professionals (realtors, insurance agents, healthcare professionals, financial advisors, etc.), and direct sales reps grow their businesses and revenues quickly.

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