Charter Fitness-Crystal Lake Gives Healthy Cookout Recipes as a Summertime Gift

Published on July 8, 2019

Charter Fitness-Crystal Lake is giving people healthy options with the eBook Healthy Cookout Recipes. The book is available free to all members and the local Crystal Lake community.

Now that the weather has finally turned warm in Chicago, people are getting out the grill to enjoy a cookout. Unfortunately, if you’re trying to follow a healthy eating plan, cookouts can be your worst nightmare. Most of the foods and drinks served are extremely high in calories and can do some serious damage to your waistline. Charter Fitness is giving people healthy options with the eBook, Healthy Cookout Recipes.

“Nobody wants to be counting calories at a cookout,” Charter Fitness General Manager, Brian Whitman said. “An average double cheeseburger packs a whopping 700 calories. That means the average person will have to spend 70 minutes on a treadmill to offset it. Even a single tablespoon of Caesar dressing contains a notable 78 calories. All those extra calories can add up”

Charter AGM, Phil Faris explained,” We wanted to help our members, and their friends and family to avoid sabotaging their fitness and weight loss plans. The book helps them enjoy their cookouts with plenty of great tasting, easy to prepare, and healthy cookout recipes. The recipes selected include everyone’s cookout favorites including hamburgers, sausages, kebabs, salads and desserts. Faris added, “Since they’re all made using natural ingredients, they’re a lot better for your health and contain a lot fewer calories than their processed counterparts.”

Each recipe serves four people and comes with the following information:

–    A list of equipment that you will need.

–    A list of ingredients that you will need.

–    Instructions for preparing the food or meal.

–    The total number of calories and the number of calories per serving.

Faris shared, “I’m not a cook, or chef, but I can follow a recipe. If you’re like me, you can too and following the recipes I’ve selected ensures that your cookouts will be a healthy success!”

Charter Fitness-Crystal Lake members can get a copy of Healthy Cookout Recipes by requesting one at the front desk. Non-members can get a digital copy, while supplies last, by clicking on the Download link on the Charter Fitness-Crystal Lake Facebook Page. Or, they can request a copy at the front desk.

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