Chiropractor Invents Silk Back Brace To Treat Chronic Back Pain, Headaches Caused By Poor “Digital-Age” Posture And FHS

Published on September 24, 2014

Dr. Romina Ghassemi has invented the BaX-u Posture Support System to reduce postural degeneration and forward head syndrome. The brace has proven effective in reducing chronic upper back pain, headaches, balance and neck pain.

Dr. Romina Ghassemi, chiropractor, has developed a posture brace to address the long term effects of 21st century “digital age” damage of slouching resulting in chronic upper back and neck pain, headaches, possible numbness and tingling in the hands.

The soft brace addresses the round shoulder-head forward slouch of computer users by improving overall shoulder strength, breathing, and posture .

BaX-u is a thin, barely detectable silk posture support that is worn under clothing. It’s designed to reduce muscle tension, increase energy and build a strong spine by facilitating perfect posture. BaX-u also reduces the chances of early spinal degeneration.
“About ten years ago I began to see an alarming increase of upper back and neck pain, numbness and tingling in the hands and fingers of my patients,” said Dr. Ghassemi. “When I started seeing this common trend, I wondered if they were all connected clinically. I felt driven to find the underlying cause and look for an effective approach.”

Dr. Ghassemi’s research discovered that her patients’ symptoms shared a common cause of Recurrent Micro-Neurological Interruptions, or nerve pinches, due to postural compensation. In other words, slouching while using computers, cell phones, or video game can cause joint dysfunction or spinal misalignment over long term; identified as Forward Head Syndrome (FHS), and/or Hyperkyphosis (a form of scoliosis). These developed compensatory conditions can be the underlying cause of many aforementioned conditions affecting a person’s health and well-being.

“Did you know an average head weighs between 8-15 pounds? For every one inch that the head moves forward, an additional ten pounds of tension is placed on the supporting neck muscles. The simple task of looking down and texting can move the body away from neutral state between three to five inches. Most adults, adolescents and teens now have 1 to 2 inches of FHS,” explained Dr. Ghassemi. “This repetitive micro-trauma causes upper back pain, and can cause early degenerative arthritis of the spine.”

Patients enjoy the positive results of the BaX-u Posture Support System. Simple preventive daily use of BaX-u posture support use over 12-24 weeks can make a beneficial difference. Dr. Sherry Greenberg stated, “The BaX-u provides significant support and allows more room for the digestive organs to properly function. Anytime digestion is improved, there is more energy available, and the mind works better. It is my experience that BaX-u significantly affects the mental/emotional state and promotes growth of the mind.”

“After 3 back injuries, my workouts began to put way too much strain on my neck. I wanted to work out again and physical therapy wasn’t fast enough, so the BaX-u was heaven sent. I started training again with it on, and it kept my form so perfect I had no neck strain at all,” said Jennifer Wright, a patient of Dr. Ghassemi.

Dr. Mancini believes that Dr. Ghassemi is one of the most brilliant minds in chiropractic and alternative healthcare. “Her BaX-u posture support system has transformed many people’s lives around the world. Dr. Ghassemi is a kind and caring human being and anybody that has worked with her knows this first hand. It’s a real honor to know her.”

BaX-U is currently available in physician practices throughout the United States and on their website at

Dr. Romina Ghassemi, founder of THINK HEALTHY INC. and Inventor of BaX-u, is the owner and clinic director of San Pedro Chiropractic and Posture where she pursues her daily passion to “help those suffering needlessly, and enlighten’s the community to live healthier lives through prevention.” Dr. Ghassemi is a 1995 graduate of the University of Applied Health & Sciences in Whittier, CA.

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