Chris Wellington, CEO, Shares New App Connecting All Players in the Food Truck Industry

Published on September 1, 2015

Chris Wellington, CEO of foosye(tm) announces the release of new centralized mobile platform, finally connecting all players in the 2.7 billion dollar food truck industry, allowing increased revenue generation and customer value worldwide.

Chris Wellington, CEO and co-founder of foosye (from the words “food systems”) shares for the first time publicly at the American Underground workplace in Durham, NC how food truck owners, event planners, vendors, foodies, and other key players that comprise the food truck industry ecosystem can collaborate, share, and partner to revolutionize the industry, grow revenues, and increase customer value.

Foosye’s alpha product app, tested in 9 major markets with more than 8000 food trucks on the platform, serves both the food truck owner seeking profitable events and the event planner looking for food trucks to serve their guests.

The idea for starting foosye came to Ray Chow, foosye Co-founder and CFO (Chief Food Truck Officer), when personally challenged in finding a commissary for his own food truck business. “For the food truck owner, finding a commissary is very difficult and is a requirement for every food truck on the road. As we discussed other challenges of the business, we realized we had the expertise to streamline the food truck industry by creating a central data hub. Today food truck owners find business opportunities through regional and sporadic communication via web sites, networking, or social media,” Chow continued. “The level of the success of the food truck owner is directly dependent upon their ability to find the right venues and be found by the public.”

Up until now, most food truck owners have used the Drive, Park & Pray(tm) method of business operations, finding events via scattered methods, driving to the venue and praying that enough hungry foodies show up to make his investment of time and money worthwhile. Foosye allows the food truck owner to accurately and consistently predict attendance and preparation required for events, thus becoming more profitable. With the foosye app, food truck owners can focus on providing a hot meal conveniently, quickly, and reasonably priced, greatly improving their business success.

The foosye app manages scheduling, event marketing, and notifications, and will scale to include maintenance systems, ordering, and various additional operational efficiencies for the food truck owner — the secondary tasks around running a food truck business.

For the event planner looking for reliable food trucks for events, the platform provides real-time food truck data and availability for more efficient methods of hiring a food truck. The platform will also help determine the correct number of food trucks and types of truck for their event without under or over booking. One click event invitations can be provided for food trucks of interest with one click acceptance of event invitations along with fee payments. This entire process can be reduced to minutes where normally would take multiple days.

“We are excited about the results of the alpha test of foosye’s first product and our patent for the platform” stated Chris Wellington, CEO and Co-founder. “We have a team of 15 and 3 interns plus our food truck advisory board all in alignment with our vision to revolutionize the multi-billion dollar food truck industry.” The foosye platform is a safe, secure, web-based ecosystem and is a robust, comprehensive business management tool which provides food truck owners simple, easy to understand data to make the best decisions for their business.

During this presentation Wellington asked for help with social media by sending foosye a food truck selfie, jumpstarting their Instagram presence and showing food truck love. The debut presentation about foosye was captured on video and can be viewed here

The next funding round for foosye is now in process. To find out more about investing in this phenomenal opportunity, contact Chris Wellington at

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About foosye

Foosye is headquartered in Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina in the United States, with satellite offices in Raleigh, North Carolina, New York, and California.

Foosye’s current mission is “everything food trucks — bumper-to-bumper and beyond” for food truck owners, event coordinators, vendors, foodies, municipalities, trade associations, commissaries, government bodies, advertisers, and investors.

Company Name: foosye
Contact Person: Chris Wellington
Phone: 919-454-9036
Country: USA