Christian Care Ministry Supports New Life Mission with $5,000 donation during their Rise Up! Community Care & Share Fundraiser

Published on April 22, 2022

Christian Care Ministry/Medi-Share, the nation’s most trusted health care sharing ministry supported New Life Mission’s fundraiser to help homeless moms and children in Brevard County break the cycle of homelessness. This fundraiser will help fund the new building projects that will serve as the first step in a participant’s program.

Christian Care Ministry/ Medi-Share, America’s most trusted health care sharing ministry donates $5,000 to New Life Mission at their annual fundraiser in addition to their ongoing volunteer efforts through the Employee Volunteer Program.

Employees have spent countless hours volunteering in New Life’s various initiatives, including helping them prepare their new campus for residents. In addition to supporting New Life with employee service over the years, Christian Care Ministry/ Medi-Share was honored to contribute $5,000 at their fundraiser on April 22, 2022 to support the important work of ending homelessness in Brevard County.

The Employee Volunteer Program is a unique benefit offered to all full-time employees of Christian Care Ministry, who receive 24 hours a year to volunteer in their local community. This initiative is in line with the ministry’s vision which is, “Transforming Society through the Biblical Model of Sharing.”  

Employees are passionate about serving New Life as their mission is in line with our heart to serve Christ by walking alongside those in need.

“New Life is not just providing food and shelter to these precious women and their families; they are equipping women to succeed on their own by providing mentors, employment guidance, childcare, and so much more. Most important, they are sharing the gospel, which provides peace and hope to those who have been hopeless. I appreciate that Christian Care Ministry encourages us through this benefit to get out and into our community to make a difference.” Dawn Carroll, Christian Care Ministry Director of Communications.

With over 3,000 homeless children in Brevard County alone, the work of New Life Mission to end the cycle of homelessness through education, accountability, goal achievement, and the love of Christ is vitally important. New Life Mission will open New Life Village including New Life Mission’s Kids Academy. These new buildings will allow 60% more families to participate in this program. This fundraiser will contribute to this growth debt free.

“I needed to break myself down to build myself up with the help of others. I didn’t need a hand-out but a hand-up.” Shannon Stickney, New Life Mission graduate and staff member.     

Christian Care Ministry believes that the strength of our community is not only caring for those within our sharing community, but also to be a light to people in need. Christian Care Ministry is committed to serving by both volunteering time and monetary donations to walk alongside other organizations as they assist others.

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