Christian Entrepreneur, Brian Horn, Asks Steve Harvey to Write Introduction for Upcoming Book

Published on August 9, 2016

Comedian and TV Host, Steve Harvey has been requested to write the introduction for soon to be released book about Christian entrepreneurs by the author, Brian Ainsley Horn.

Brian Ainsley Horn, co-founder of Authority Media Group, and author of upcoming book, Faith to Abundance, recently requested that Steve Harvey write the introduction.  Harvey is not only a well-known comedian and TV host, but also as an outspoken Christian and entrepreneur.

“Of course, I first became aware of Steve as a comedian and then a TV host.  But after reading his book, Act Like A Success, Think Like A Success, I realized that how much more there was to him.  He’s a brilliant entrepreneur, and a committed Christian,” said Horn.

Faith to Abundance: 30 Stories of Inspiration From Successful Christian Entrepreneurs profiles  the journey of faith of thirty different business owners.  Each day will feature a story from one entrepreneur that lead to growing their faith, and eventually receiving a massive blessing.

In a viral YouTube video, Harvey explained why he was successful, “You can never give up. You can never know where God is just waiting for you to pass the test. But you have to stay with something and go through the test to get to the end.”

That quote follows the theme of the book, so Horn reached out to Harvey about being involved.

Best-selling author and internet entrepreneur, Brian Ainsley Horn, helps professionals leverage their knowledge to gain authority status in their industry, then uses “authority marketing” to get them national media exposure.Brian is a regular contributor to Entrepreneur Magazine, Huffington Post and The Examiner.

He is also an in demand speaker that has traveled the world entertaining and educating audiences.

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