Christian Yoga Center Celebrates its Grand Opening

Published on April 12, 2015

After Being a Traveling Business for Over a Decade This Christian Yoga Center has a Home.

Detroit, MI– Yoga is making headway in the Christian World. Many believe that Yoga is a religion but it isn’t its a spiritual practice and people of any religion can practice yoga. On April 18th from 11am-4pm at 2930 Jefferson, Detroit MI, 48207 Sacred Space Yoga Centre will be opening its doors in their permanent home after owner Trina Lynn Campbell has been traveling across Michigan teaching Yoga for over a decade. In honor of this special day some important city figures will be attending the event. Guests include Chief Executive for Neighborhoods from Mayor Duggan’s Office Charlie Beckham and Detroit City Council President Brenda Jones. The 30 minute ceremony that is open to the public will include prayer, remarks from the above, remarks from Owner Trina Lynn Campbell, cutting of the ribbon and blessing of the space with a reception following.

Yoga is the spiritual practice of yoking the mind, body, and spirit. Therefore Christian yoga is no different. Sacred Space Yoga Centre allows a safe place to practice yoga and reap all the benefits that yoga affords such as: pain reduction, improved breathing, increased circulation, improved flexibility, renewed strength, and enhanced organ functions. The spiritual benefits include learning how to be still long enough to enter into God’s presence,and learning how to breathe and quiet the mind so we can meditate on God’s word without getting distracted and how to be physically and spiritually aligned so that disease does not interrupt our physical body or our spiritual walk.

Owner of Sacred Space Yoga Centre Trina Lynn Campbell says “With complete reliance on God’s word and prayer, Christian Yoga invites everyone to surrender to God and be introduced to His grace. When a person breathes, moves, and has their being in Christ, they find themselves flowing in God’s glory. Through the practice of breath work, stretching and meditation, yoga has the capacity to enhance ones spiritual walk. All of our practices are infused with Christian meditation , prayer, postures, inspirational music, and the word of God in an effort to direct one toward the intimacy and heart of God.”

Sacred Space Yoga Centre is designed to offer a space of healing through the ministry of yoga and spiritual healing principles without compromising the spiritual walk of its clients. The goal is to operate as an extension of God’s love by unselfishly servicing, encouraging, and positively impacting the lives of others, making them the global catalyst, standard, and influencer of Christ-centered yoga, and the conduit for living a healthy lifestyle.


Company Name: Sacred Space Yoga Centre
Contact Person: Brittney Record
Phone: 313-848-5491
Country: United States of America